Shakeology – Questions & Answers.

With the release of Shakeology from Beachbody, numerous questions have surfaced regarding this new meal replacement shake. Fortunately for us, we have a fitness expert to address these questions, Steve Edwards. As more questions become available, I’ll post them as well.

I have personally started Shakeology. I’m starting another round of P90X on Monday, my 9th round actually. I plan on doing my own Shakeology experiment during this next 12 weeks. Although, I have only tried each flavor once, I must say I like Chocolate the best. But I have heard more people reporting back that Greenberry is their favorite. You’ll just have to try both. 🙂

Before I turn it over to Steve Edwards on the Q & A, let me address the biggest question (comment actually) that I hear the most: Shakeology is expensive.

True Shakeology is $119.95 for 30 days. Which breaks down further to about $4 a day. If we looked at that fact ONLY, we could say, “You’re right, it is expensive.” But Shakeology is a meal replacement. Now imagine if you will what it costs to get a meal, or some of us, a Starbucks. Just about the same. The exception is, Shakeology is good for you! Starbucks will fill you up with caffeine and sugar. Fast food will fill you up with fat, and vast amounts of calories. If you take a look at Shakeology from the meal perspective, and that it’s improving your fitness and nutrition, I think you will find that the price is fair, and also in the same ball park as what you would spend for lunch, a meal, or Starbucks. ( I wrote an entire blog post about the question, “Is Shakeology expensive?” )

If you have been thinking about signing up for the Beachbody Club, you can save 10% and pay only, $107.95. Ask me if you have questions about that. And if you’ve been considering becoming a Beachbody coach on my team of coaches, you can save 25%, and pay only $89.86! Again ask me for details, and check this article for more info: The Beachbody Revolution..

For more information about Shakeology, read this article: Shakeology, the Healthiest Meal of the Day.

Shakeology, Q & A. By Steve Edwards.

Should I continue to take Activit, Peak Health, or other multi-vitamins along with Shakeology?

While Shakeology contains a lot of vitamins and minerals it’s still recommended that you take a multi-vitamin, especially if you’re working out. In fact, Shakeology will help increase the bioavailability of your vitamin if taken together. If you skip your vitamin your nutrient bases will still be covered but an active person—especially doing a workout like P90X—will always be struggling to meet the nutrients requirements placed on the body. Combining Peak Health Formula and Shakeology can keep you charging through even the most intense exercise program.

More detail to this question can be found in this article: Shakeology and Activit or P90X Peak Health Formula

I already have some Meal Replacement. Should I throw it out and switch to Shakeology?

You shouldn’t throw it out but Shakeology is a far more thorough formulation. Use your old Meal Replacement at times when you’re active or as a “poor man’s Recovery Formula”. The higher sugar and lower fiber content of Meal Replacement make it better around the time you are exercising.

Can I take this and Results and Recovery Formula?

Yes but not together! Recovery Formula should only be taken during or after exercise when you’ve been exhausting your body’s blood sugar. At any other time Shakeology would be your preferred option.

Should I still take an omega supplement?

Yes as there is no EPA/DHA (the two omega fatty acids in fish oil) in Shakeology.

How about Cal/Mag?

One serving of Shakeology has 500 milligrams of calcium, meaning that you can cut your dosage of Cal/Mag in half. It’s recommended that you take your Cal/Mag with Shakeology as it will help your body absorb its nutrients.

There is no food coloring. How is one green and the other brown?

The ingredients (herbal powders, grass powders, vegetable powders, and some fruit and berry powders) make color green. The base of chocolate blend is also green, but the chocolate and cocoa powders turn the color “chocolate”.

Why does the chocolate have more protein?

The serving size for chocolate is 8 grams higher than for greenberry. The extra ingredients added for the chocolate blend (mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder) add an additional 2 grams of protein for the serving size.

Does this mean I don’t have to eat any more veggies?

Not that we recommend it but, yes, you could get away with skipping your veggies if your drink Shakeology daily. Keep in mind that you still need to fill out the rest of your caloric needs and veggies are the best source of both nutrients and fiber you can eat. The healthiest diets will still contain vegetables.

What kind of protein is it made with?

The primary source of protein is from whey, which comes from milk. Whey is one of the most bioavailable protein sources. Translation: it speeds to its work of repairing your muscles and its amino acids are readily used by your body.

Is it a good source of fiber?

At 3 grams per 140 calories Shakeology is a balanced source of fiber. More importantly, its fiber sources are varied, coming from apple pectin, flax, chia meal, and yacon. The latter also happens to be one of the best prebiotic sources known to man.

Can I drink this right before a workout?

Shakeology would be much better than a meal prior to working out. If it’s immediately before, however, you’d be better served by something with more sugar and less fiber for rapid absorption, such as Recovery Formula or Meal Replacement.

Can I drink this right after a workout?

Again, it’s better than many other options available but less perfect than something designed primarily for this purpose, such as Recovery Formula.

Does it contain caffeine?

Shakeology contains no caffeine. It does contain green tea extract but the caffeine has been removed.

Is it vegetarian?

The only non-vegetarian ingredient is whey protein, which comes from milk.

I am a diabetic. How will it affect me?

We aren’t your doctor so we can’t give you an official word on this but we’re working on trying to get Shakeology approved by the American Diabetes Association.

Can I give it to my kids?

Once again, we’re in a legal realm, which we’re working on. But considering that kids are “approved” to eat Ding Dongs and Cocoa Puffs and whatever other godforsaken junk we’re pretty certain that it will clear the regulatory radar.

What about pregnant and nursing mothers?

And, again, we may run into legal stumbles but c’mon, this stuff is nothing but healthy natural foods.

Can I mix this in with food I’m cooking/baking?

While possible, cooking would upset the nutrient balance of Shakeology’s ingredients and it’s highly recommended that you drink it at room temperature or cooler.

Will it mix OK in my shaker cup?

Shakeology mixes at least as well as most meal replacement shakes and can be hand mixed easily. For a drive-in style creamy shake, however, a blender is preferred.

Is it OK to drink more than one shake per day? Or to replace more than one meal per day?

Yes, but it is not recommended to replace more than 2 meals per day.

Thanks Steve!


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  1. Bryce said:

    What is the proper serving size? I have been drinking shakeology for a week, and it doesn’t seem like the bag would last a whole 30 days. Are you supposed to level the scoop off or just fill it up to the halfway line?

  2. Joanne Towne said:

    Does the whey protein come from an organic milk supply?

  3. Robert Harden said:

    Joanne, I took this information directly from the Manufacturer’s website. Hope this helps. We would certainly appreciate your business in our store if you decide to place an order, and we also have sample packs.

    We’ve put every effort into making sure these ingredients don’t contain pesticides, aren’t destroyed in processing, are produced using the best of fair trade practices, and have many of the benefits of what is considered “organic.” So you might ask, “Why isn’t Shakeology ‘certified organic’?” The experience of our development team has shown that sometimes certified organic doesn’t necessarily translate to higher quality. Certifying something can simply jack up the price, especially with ingredients of this quality and quantity. So we decided to focus on making sure the quality and integrity of the product lives up to the promise, without asking you to pay the premium it would cost for us to say it with a stamp of approval from a certification lab.

  4. Rose said:

    Will I lose more weight if I drink shakeology twice a say instead of once?

  5. Robert Harden said:

    Rose, Weight loss generally comes from a calorie deficit, where you burn more calories than you take in per day. Shakeology is perfect in that it’s a low calorie meal, with many necessary and needed vitamins, minerals, etc. Shakeology also reduces cravings and provides more energy. Of course going too low on calories is unhealthy, so you need to be careful there to. My advice is to determine your calorie deficit, drink one shake per day, and fill the rest with lean meats and veggies. However, on occasion, it’s okay to have two per day if you need a quick meal or on the go. I’ll sometimes drink two while traveling or on the road. If I’m doing a Shakeology Cleanse, I have 3 per day, for 3 days only, then back to my healthy diet. I hope this helps! Here’s more info at the Beachbody forums:

  6. Rose said:

    Okay. Thank you Robert!(: I should get my first shipment of shakeology on Monday I’m so excited to try it! I’ve been doing turbofire for 2 weeks now and already lost 3 lbs!!!

  7. Robert Harden said:

    No problem Rose. Sounds like you are doing great with Turbo Fire! As a side note, we would certainly appreciate your business should you decide to purchase Shakeology again, or another program etc. We are authorized retailers of everything Beachbody. 🙂

  8. Leigh-Ann said:

    With one scoop, was i supposed to drink the whole blended drink?

  9. Victoria Kidd said:

    Can i just drink it 5 times a day while wrking out on insanity ?.. i know it may not be the healthest thing, but will i help me shed a lot of weight ?

  10. Ally said:

    I usually work out or run in the morning..should I make shakeology a meal replacement for breakfast or no!? I usually have eggs or Greek yogurt or some kind of meat…would that be healthy if replacement breakfast with shakeology?

  11. Robert Harden said:

    Ally, You can have Shakeology anytime you like. I have mine for breakfast everyday, but you can easily use it as a snack. I know some people that drink it in the afternoon to help curb their sweet tooth. Do what you like best, just as long as you get one per day!

  12. Ally said:

    Okay thank you! Also if I work out in the morning should I drink it before or after I work out? Idk if its a good idea I drink it right before cause it might be too filling

  13. Joanna said:

    Will shakeology benefit someone who is not trying to lose weight and just drinks it 2-3x/week when in a rush or another meal is not available or do you need to drink it every day to benefit?

  14. Robert Harden said:

    Joanna, I think you will find it beneficial. Obviously the best benefit will come with daily use, but I would venture to say that 3 times a week, would give you some benefit for sure. Please check it out in our store, and let us know if we can be of more assistance. Thanks!

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