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There is one thing I always need more of… worksheets. And because I know I’m not the only one, I wanted to provide our customers with an easy place to get the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets. If you want the best results, if you want to maximize your results, not just in the Insanity Workout, but any fitness program, you MUST track your progress. You simply cannot get to where you want to be, unless you know where you’ve been, and that’s why you need the worksheets, and extra copies. Not to mention, Insanity has been out long enough now, that I’m starting to get requests for a second set. You only get one set of Insanity worksheets when you purchase the program. People are finishing their 60 days, and are ready for round 2! Download the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets here.Insanity Workout Fit Test Worksheets

Another popular request is the Insanity Workout Calendar. No problem. Download the Insanity Calendar here. Iget the occasional question about how to add int he deluxe workouts. Pay particular attention to the statement at the bottom of this Insanity calendar download. It gives you a couple of ideas on how to use the deluxe DVDs. The last item of interest, and then you can get back to your workouts…. the Insanity Food Journal – download.

That should take care of you on the downloads. I want to wish you luck with Insanity. I loved the program, and I think you will too! When you finish Insanity, tell me what you think! If you need any help along the way, contact me and find out how you can get free coach support.

Insanity Workout – $119.85
Are you ready to dig deep with Insanity? Are you ready for change? Want results? Lose weight, get in shape? Did you just watch Insanity on TV, and think to yourself, “I want those kind of results too!” Then you have to do what THEY did. It’s time to make a change, get INSANITY today!

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  1. Robert Harden said:

    Juan, both are excellent programs. I would just look them both over and decide which one makes the most sense for you. P90X is 50-50 weights and cardio. Insanity is 100% cardio based routines. While it will help with muscle tone etc, there are no weight lifting moves in it. P90X requires some equipment, Insanity does not. Here’s the link to my store where you can look at both programs. P90X and Insanity. I will be a free resource for you if you decide to purchase from our store as a coach to help you. Nutrition will be a BIG part of your success too, so you’ll need to change that as you have already said. Both program come with a fantastic nutrition guide.

  2. Sohail Azam said:

    Hi how do i add you as a coach on ?

  3. Sohail Azam said:

    Hi im currently doing insanity whats the right amount of weight i should be losing weekly ? thanks

  4. Dulce R said:

    I would like to know where can I download the insanity deluxe workout calendar, is it the same that the regular insanity calendar?
    I have this extra dvd but Im not sure how I have to use them:
    – Upper body weight triaing
    – Insane Abs
    – Cardio Abs
    Thank you!

  5. Robert Harden said:


    Shaun T recommends adding in the Upper Body Weight Training 2-3x per week. You can either replace that days cardio workout with UBX, or you can do a doubles day. As far as the Insane Abs, you can just replace the Cardio Abs, or alternate. Hope this helps!

  6. Robert Harden said:

    Everyone is different. Follow the nutrition plan, and push play daily. ideally 2 lbs a week is a great goal. But some lose more, and some less. It depends on many factors.

  7. Sohail Azam said:

    Hi when should i weigh myself on the scale i weigh myself every 4 days is this ok? and its hard for me to not weigh myself everyday but at the moment i have been weighing myself every 4 days

  8. Robert Harden said:

    I think once every 4 is fine. Once a week or even every two weeks would be fine too. Weighing everyday is hard, because you’ll always fluctuate slightly. Water weight etc. Nice work!

  9. Jordan said:

    I am about 5 foot 6 1/2 and 130 Ibs. I am also a girl! I am playing AAA hockey this year and I want to be strong! Is insanity right for me? And my other question was… How do I gain muscle?

  10. Jordan said:

    I am about 5 foot 6 1/2 and 130 Ibs. I am also a girl! I am playing AAA hockey this year and I want to be strong! Is insanity right for me?

  11. ADRIANNE said:

    I have been overweight for the past 8 years. I am a woman. Can overweight people do the Insanity workout? Also, What if I can’t keep up? I am new to this whole losing weight. I have been skinny my whole lift up until my last child. :(

  12. Robert Harden said:


    I have seen many types go through Insanity. Some have made it and some have not. I personally would recommend a less intense program to start with. One of my favorites is Power 90. You could also try Chalean Extreme, or Les Mills Pump. Go to our store, were you can get extra bonuses for your order, and search for those. Remember that your diet is 80% so start cleaning up your food intake and go for it! You can do it!

  13. LUPE said:

    Hi Robert, im 26, 5’5, and weigh 147. I have had 5 kids and I really want to get my figure back. I want to look good and feel sexy wearing a swim suit again, however sometimes I theres no hope again. I want to tone my body up and lose at least 15 pounds, would insanity be an option for me?

  14. Robert Harden said:

    Numerous programs would help you reach your fitness goals. Insanity is a great program. Its very challenging, so if you are just starting out, keep that in mind. Nutrition will be one of the key factors to your success! Here’s a great page to look at the various programs and do a quick comparison. Find one that suits your style, and then focus in on your nutrition, and it will work for you. Our customers get free coach support as well. LMK!

  15. Renee said:

    I just finished insanity! I had my second kid a year ago and was overweight and been out of shape for over 5 years! I have gone 2 sizes down! I am going to redo the insanity again. Will I see more weight loss or more toning the second time around?

  16. Robert Harden said:

    Absolutely. Just keep improving and increasing your intensity as you are able, stay on top of your nutrition and keep going! Great job so far!