P90X Reviews: Legs and Back

P90X Legs and BackIn every P90X Review I write, you’ll get a fair and honest review. At least, it will be "fair and honest" in my opinion. P90X Legs and Back is not one of my favorites. But then again, I’m sure there are people out there, that absolutely love it. If you’re one of those people that love/hate this workout, comment below, all comments are welcome. I really only have two reasons for my "less than favorable" opinion. The first reason, I can’t seem to walk normal for a couple of days afterward. Sure I could back off the workout some, but I can’t seem to do that. On the bright side of that, at least it’s working! The second reason, it seems that this workout focuses on my glutes more than anything else. I guess that’s a good thing to some degree, but I would like to get more into my quadriceps. And that’s it, my two reasons for not ranking this workout as a "favorite". With that aside, it’s still important to get in a good leg workout, so this remains in the rotation. I do make some modifications, so that it fits my style a bit more, and works my quads a bit more. This workout may work for you “as is” so use it this way several times to see how it goes. So lets get to the review.

P90X Reviews: Legs and Back

This workout is almost an hour in length. You start with a light cardio warm up for about 2 minutes, followed by just under a 8 minute stretch. The actual workout is about 45 minutes, then you finish off with a 4 minute cool down and stretch. For reasons I can’t explain the P90X worksheets that came with the program, only list the pull up exercises. What’s up with that? Weights are optional throughout the workout, and if you decide to use them, where do you write that information down at? Since this made little to no sense to me, I put together my own P90X worksheet specifically for Legs and Back. You can download that here: P90X Worksheet: Legs and Back. On to the workout:

  1. Balance Lunges. Imagine a lunge, with your back foot supported up on a chair. This exercise is 25 reps for each leg.
  2. Calf Raise Squats. A squat that is followed by a calf raise. 25 total reps.
  3. Reverse Grip Pull Ups. Giving the legs a break, you jump on the pull up bar, remember to modify as needed. I wrote quite a bit about how to modify pull ups in the P90X Review for Back and Biceps.
  4. Super Skaters. Interesting and challenging balance move. 25 reps each leg.
  5. Wall Squats. Wow, is about all I can say on wall squats. You’ll be here for 90 seconds total. You’ll spend 15 seconds in each position. One position is with your back against the wall, in a sitting position, with your quads and knees parallel to the ground. The second position is a little easier, you raise up slightly to about a 120 degree position.
  6. Wide Grip Pull Ups. Back on the pull up bar.
  7. Step Back Lunges. Just as it sounds, stepping backwards to a lunge, with 15 reps per side.
  8. Alternating Side Lunges. The same thing as step back lunges, except you step to the side this time, 12 reps each side.
  9. Close Grip Pull Ups. You’re hands are very close together on the chin up bar.
  10. Single Leg Wall Squat. Even more challenging then the wall squat. This time, you get in a deep wall squat and lift a leg, alternating between each side every 10 seconds, for a total of 60 seconds.
  11. Dead Lift Squats. Just like a squat, except you lower into the squat with only one leg, the other is off the ground behind you. 20 reps each side.
  12. Switch Grip Pull Ups. The switch grip pull up is challenging. You’ll do 2 reverse grip pull ups, then switch and perform 2 regular chin ups. Switching until you can’t do any more. If you are using a P90X Chin up Bar, set your feet down on the ground for each switch. If you have a real sturdy pull up bar or a tower, make the switch without touching the ground for added intensity.
  13. 3 Way Lunges. On this move, you will lunge straight forward, step back with a kicking move, then lunge to a 45 degree angle, step back with a kicking move, then lunge to the side, and another kicking move. You will repeat these three moves for 5 total sets on each leg.
  14. Sneaky Lunges. Walking lunges, but you will stay on your toes the entire time, 20 total reps.
  15. Reverse Grip Pull Ups. Just do your best.
  16. Chair Salutations. This move is like sitting in an invisible chair. You’ll do two of these, for about 30 seconds each.
  17. Toe Roll Iso Lunges. I’ll let this one be a surprise. 20 reps each side.
  18. Wide Front Pull Ups. Pull ups again, you know you love them. :)
  19. Groucho Walk. Another surprise for you.
  20. Calf Raises. This move is a total of 75 calf raises, in 3 different positions.
  21. Close Grip Pull Ups.
  22. 80-20 Speed Squats. This move has you doing 30 speed squats on each leg. Imagine about 80% of your weight on one leg, and 20% for balance on the other leg. Then you you squat at a quick pace. Add some small jump moves at the end for added intensity.
  23. Switch Grip Pull Ups.

And that’s the workout. It’s a leg burning workout, make sure to get in a good stretch afterwards. As one of my prouder moments for this workout, I finally broke into triple digits on the 8 sets of pull ups. The pull ups were all unassisted, with no added assistance or chair. It was a long term goal for me, and one that I didn’t accomplish for several rounds of P90X. You might hit triple digits a lot sooner, or it may take longer, we are all different. When I started P90X on my very first round. I could only do 3 wide pull ups. So if you are struggling with pull ups right now, stay after it, you’ll see this improve every time you get on the pull up bar! Don’t forget to get your P90X Legs and Back Worksheet, I’ve added in all the leg exercises for you. Watch the quick P90X video for Legs and Back below, and the making of P90X on the right.

You can watch all of the videos by visting our P90X Videos page.

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