Shakeology 3 Day Fast or Cleanse

ShakeologyYou may have heard about the 3 Day Shakeology Fast or Cleanse.  Since I always like to be a product of the product, and be able to speak knowledgeably about the products we use and endorse, I thought what better way, then do actually do the Shakeology Fast.  This is not something Extremely-Fit has put together, but a Shakeology Fast put together by Beachbody coaches in general.  Below you will find all the details about the Fast, and can easily use the information found here, to do your own Fast.  Please be sure to read the information carefully.   The Shakeology Fast is meant to jump start you in your fitness (prior to starting an exercise program), break a plateau (if currently in a workout program) or shred pounds fast & effectively in a healthy way.  If you are currently doing a workout program, try this fast on a recovery week, instead of on a week of regular workouts.  If you try the fast, please remember to come back here and post a comment about your success!!   As another side note.  Shakeology is not just meant to be used in the Fast, but also as a healthy meal replacement shake to be taken once daily after the Fast. 

I also hope to serve as an example on how to properly follow the Shakeology Fast, and will be posting comments below with my progress.  I am currently in my 10th round of P90X, on a recovery week.  I have just finished my first day.  To follow my personal experiences, see the comments below.  Now for the details:

3 Day Shakeology Fast or Cleanse:

Mission: To help as many people become healthier from the inside out. Internal health is the foundation to external beauty.

Products Needed: Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology
You will continue to use the product after the Fast is over to continue your weight loss efforts and overall health benefits.

3 SHAKEOLOGY Shakes a day
2 Cups of Green Tea a Day
1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day
1 salad for dinner
Only white grilled protein in salad


Only Low Fat Dressings.

You can put your 2 snacks before/after any of the MAJOR MEALS-Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

The fruit is optional, and I actually discourage it, however, some of you will need the calories where others would not.

Power workout participants (Super Conditioned- not the weight challenged) are recommended to add the fruit for the extra calories.

*** For maximum results NO additives.

I also said NO DIARY products at all for maximum results, no almond soy or rice milk.

Dinner salad was only WHITE GRILLED PROTEIN. Poultry or fish.

REPEAT all 3 Days

1 or 2 cup(s) of green tea, or Triple Leaf Detox Tea, throughout the day.

Shakeology, 140 calories, 1 scoop
½ cup of fruit (60-90 calories)-optional
add ice
8-10 oz of water

SNACK (85 calories)
1 piece of fruit
– Apple, pear, orange, banana mango, etc

Shakeology, 140 calories, 1 scoop
Add ice
10 oz of water

(either snack here or after dinner one or the other)
Shakeology, 140 calories, 1 scoop
Add ice
8-10 oz of water

Salad with Grilled white fish or poultry (roughly 340 calories)
Low Fat Salad Dressing, 40 – 60 calories

(either snack here or after dinner one or the other)
Shakeology, 140 calories, 1 scoop
Add ice
8-10 oz of water

Don’t forget, if you try the Shakeology Fast, come back here and comment your results!


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  1. Robert Harden said:

    Day 1 Shakeology Fast. I weighed in this morning and took my waist measurement. I’m at the end of my day, with a total of 926 calories for the day. I’m on my recovery week of my 10th round of P90X, so today I did about 20 minutes of light to medium cardio exercise. I’ll post my weight and measurements tomorrow. P.S. I’m hungry. 🙂 Here is a link to my Day 1 nutrition information. Click here.

  2. Robert Harden said:

    Day 2 Shakeology Fast. After weighing in this morning, I lost 3.5 lbs from the first day. My nutrition information was exactly the same as Day 1. I’m curious to see what tomorrow’s weight will be. I’m hungry, and wouldn’t mind having something tasty to eat, but it’s a 3 day fast, I can do anything for 3 days. 🙂 I’m going to stick with it. I’ll post again tomorrow.

  3. Robert Harden said:

    Day 3 Shakeology Fast. This is the beginning of my 3rd day. Last day of the Shakeology Fast, and I feel pretty good. I actually feel better than I thought I would. I’m still hungry, but not where I feel I’m starving. According to the scales this morning, I’m down 5 lbs with 1 more day to go. I think the great thing about this Fast is that by skipping the normal things you’re so used to having, you give your body a chance to “reset”. I can definitely see this Fast being repeated in my future.

  4. Robert Harden said:

    End of Shakeology Fast. Yesterday was my last day of the Shakeology Fast, so first thing this morning, I weighed and measured. Total weight loss was 8 lbs., and I lost 1 inch from my waist. I actually feel great. This was my first time for something like this, and I had some concerns. Same as anyone. But now that it’s over, I feel like a reset button has been pressed, and I’m ready to jump right back in to my 7th week of P90X. I anticipate a great week coming up! Final thought. Over the last several years I have tried several supplements. At this point, I have decided on 2 that will be considered “must have’s”. Activit Multivitamin and Shakeology. Simple, easy, quality supplement plan. Of course I will continue with protein powder as well. If anyone else tries this Fast, I’d love to catch your comments, results, and success. Just post right here. Good luck!

  5. Ben McCormack said:

    Day 1 of the fast complete. Your results are motivating. Thanks Robert. Anyone else doing this?

  6. Joanie said:

    Did you drink a normal amount of water for the three days? Normal being what you would normally drink on a daily basis?

  7. Robert Harden said:

    Hi Joanie, I drink about 72 oz a day on a regular basis. I drank about the same amount throughout the fast. Plus you get some fluids from the 2 green teas per day, and shakes. Water is supposed to be great for this process too. Lots of water. 🙂 Are you trying the fast, if so, let us hear about your results when you get done. 🙂

  8. Allison Richardson said:

    I just completed the shakeology fast over the weekend and I like the results. I feel as expected, energized and ready for my new work-out program (which I began today.) My hunger was very similar to Robert’s in that I was hungry often in between the shakes but never felt very starved. I really looked forward to the salads; I must have eaten my salad on the second night in 5-10 minutes!

    My weight loss was about 3 pounds, and I lost about 1.5 inches around my waist which was super exciting!

    I will definitely do this fast again during a recovery week in order to re-vamp.

  9. Robert Harden said:

    Allison, thanks for posting your feedback. I know what you mean about eating the salads. 🙂 Nice work!

  10. Kim said:

    Hey Robert,
    What happens to that weight loss when you resume responsible eating? Do you gain the weight back?

  11. Dawn Marie said:

    I just recently started using shakeology I really love the taste and the fact thats its so low calorie. I’m so excited to hear you guy’s results from the fast, its very motivating and I really want to try this.

  12. Robert Harden said:

    Hi Kim, I think this will vary. If you come off the fast and continue with your diet plan, and eat responsibly, you can maintain most of your results. When I did the fast, I lost 8 lbs, and then gained a a couple back. Overall, I was still pleased with the results. Not too mention, the fast is also meant to be a cleansing fast as well. Personally, I will be using the fast again. 🙂

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  14. leyla said:

    I’m at the end of my third n final day. Can’t wait to get home n have my salad. So far as of this morning I lost five lbs and1.5″. I am always hungry. But this is also why I need this. I have lost my ability to eat just small meals. I like this fast n results. Now about maintenance.

  15. Robert Harden said:

    Awesome! If you are going to continue with Shakeology once a day, and are interested in a free shipping option, or a 25% off option let me know. 🙂

  16. Kristen D. said:

    Im starting the fast tomorrow!!! Very excited!

  17. Cindy said:

    I am starting my 3 day fast tomorrow. How much cardio would you recommend if any during the 3 days? I don’t want to feel overly tired or weak……

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  18. Robert Harden said:


    It depends, I have done the cleanse on rest days, with stretching exercise and light cardio. I have also done the cleanse on normal training days. It’s going to be what works best for you. Although I would recommend first time out rest days, and/or light exercise. Did you buy your cleanse kit or Shakeology from We sure would appreciate your business for future orders etc. Come back and let us know how you did with the cleanse. Good luck!

  19. Cindy said:

    Thanks for the info. I did not buy it here, but I did come across your site while looking for into on the 3 day program. You have a lot of great information on here and will be back for more/future purchases. Love your recipes!!

    I will let you know how my 3 days go!

  20. Cindy said:

    Finished my 3 day cleanse 4 lbs lighter!! I took your advice and did light cardio. My next go around will be incorporated into my regular workout which hopefully I will be able to lose more than 4 lbs.

    Thanks for your great site and all the useful info!

  21. Cindy said:

    Yes, Shakeology definitely will be part of my daily routine….I love it! I am reviewing the different beach body programs and am considering Turbo Fire. I am not overweight but really want a good cardio/toning regimen. I love music and love to dance. Insanity is not my speed and P90X doesn’t have enough music/motivation for me. Do you have any good insight?

    Thanks again!

  22. Tess said:

    If i do this cleanse and eat my regular amount of calories with it, will it still be effective?

  23. Robert Harden said:

    Tess, While eating a healthy diet and drinking Shakeology will certainly be beneficial…. to get the most benefit from the Shakeology cleanse, you should follow the plan exactly. 🙂 Three days, you can do it! 🙂

  24. Sheila said:

    Hello, I am interested in shakeology, is it more economical to purchase through a coach such as yourself?

  25. Cindy said:

    Hi Robert, I’m looking for a little advice regarding my diet/workout regimin. I started the TurboFire program and am currently in week 3. Although I am keeping up with each program, my body has been feeling it. I have a lot of soar muscles as well as tightness through the day and when I get up out of bed in the morning. When I do the workouts themselves, I feel great, muscles warmed up, stretched and ready to conquer the world. Would you recommend the P90X recovery drink to help with the tight muscles and soreness? Also, I completed the slim & 6 program several months ago but did not feel so much tightness during and after. Am I perhaps missing something in my diet?

    Your advice is great appreciated.


  26. Cindy said:

    I did not purchase TurboFire from your site as I was able to borrow it from a friend to save some $$$. Although I would like to purchase the P90X recovery formula but was inquiring if it was a good idea based on the info I sent you. I really like the information you provide on your site and will be happy to purchase from you going forward.

  27. Robert Harden said:

    Cindy, Here is a great article on my blog about workout recovery. Very detailed. The recovery formula is on my “must have” list. It’s not a fix all, that would be a miracle formula. 🙂 But it’s a great start in the right direction, and in combination with the other tips, it’s the next best thing. 🙂

  28. Renee said:

    Day 1 of the the 3 day shakeology fast.. I already use it daily and love the chocolate and have now become a fan of greenberry as well. I will use the chocolate for the fast since it taste best with nothing but water. I plan to continue my bootcamp workouts (low impact) because I’ve already paid for them lol!! Wish me luck. I will be back with an update : ) Love Shakeology!

  29. Gina said:

    Ok so I just got my shipment of shakology. I was just wondering if there is anyway to make it taste better? I got the chocolate one.

  30. Robert Harden said:


    I prefer all of my Shakeology to be in a recipe. My favorite is chocolate Shkeology, some natural PB, and sometimes a banana. But there are many many recipes. Here’s a link to our recipe downloads. Three total.

    But for the fast, you get best overall results with just Shakeology. When I go through a fast, I like adding mine with lots of ice, and blend it into a smoothie. This also helps to fill you up more as there is more shake. Once you get finished with the fast there are many options. fruit, juice, milk (skim, almond, coconut etc).

  31. Ashley said:

    Today is my second day and im hungry but not starving. Cant wait till its over…lol!!!

  32. Sonja said:

    Thinking about starting this. I guess my only real concern is ending the fast and then eating “normal” food after. Any thoughts?

  33. Robert Harden said:

    Sonja, After you finish the 3 day cleanse, you simply roll right into a healthy diet with one Shakeology a day. I’ve done the cleanse twice now, and have had great results with no problems to follow. 🙂

  34. Lesa said:

    getting shakeology friday do u recommend i do the 3 day clease

  35. E Roberts said:

    Did the fast felt, good did not weigh my self because scales are deceiving started on a saturday ended on a monday. Sunday night I didnt take shakeology #3 too full from salad .on monday did good all day but I ate rotisserie chicken and salad. too full from meal for 3rd shakeology.other than that a good Fast to jump start your …body and mind set of eating heathy. Probably will do every 90 days . the green tea made my stomach hurt maybe because I made to strong but most of the fast my urine was clear . clothes fit me loose.

  36. Robert Harden said:

    Lori, It’s best not to use milk for the cleanse. I think the focus is on water intake, and to cut as many extra additives as possible out of your diet, including hidden sugars. If you just have to have milk of some sort, use almond milk, its non-diary at least.

  37. Bes said:

    Hi, I’m desperate right now with losing some pounds. I’m getting married in 3 weeks and need to lose about 5-10 pounds before the wedding. I work out like crazy(insanity, running and etc) and have improved in my diet but I think I’m just at stand still. My body is stuck! I ordered shakeology and have been doing it for a little over week and haven’t seen much results. I am definitely trying your fastening program today! I need something to kick me off and break this! I HOPE it works! After the fastening I plan to stick to the regular shakeology program. Please wish me luck!

  38. Lindsey said:

    I just received shakeology in the mail today! I am currently 6 months pregnant, so I am not able to start shakeology yet. I ordered a couple of flavors for my husband and have a few questions. First, how many meals per day can you replace shakeology with to lose weight? Second, can my husband do the fast using the vanilla and strawberry flavors instead of the ones that you used? And third, after I have my baby I want to get on the shakeology train!! Is it safe for me to use shakeology as a meal replacement, or two, while breast feeding?

  39. Robert Harden said:

    Hi Lindsey, I would recommend using Shakeology once per day in combination with a clean, healthy meal plan. Any of the flavors will work for the fast, but while Shakeology is best in a recipe, for the fast its just plain. As far as using Shakeology while breastfeeding, the Beachbody Fitness advisors state that you should refer to your doctor for advice, however, I have seen others use Shakeology while breast feeding, but please check with your doctor. Thanks!

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