Download Insanity Asylum Workout Calendar and Asylum Hybird Calendars

Insanity AsylumIf you are wanting to download the Insanity Asylum workout calendar and Asylum hybrid calendars with P90X and Insanity.  Look no more.

There are 3 actual downloads, and you will find them throughout this article and on the left hand side by clicking on the 3 PDF icons.

With the release of Insanity Asylum, I was really looking forward to 3 things.  The first thing… I wanted the next BIG challenge.  I had already tackled p90X and Insanity, and was ready for the next big challenge. Asylum promises to be exactly that.  The second thing I was looking forward to was the nutrition guide.  We all know that every fitness program out there, needs good nutrition to right along with it.  Lucky for us, Beachbody programs almost always include a meal plan with recipes.  Asylum is no exception.  The last thing I was really, really looking forward to was the hybrid workout calendars.  Of course, we can all throw some workouts together, and call it a hybrid, and there are plenty out there for Beachbody workouts.  But if Beachbody fitness trainers put a hybrid together, all the better right?  I think so.

Insanity Asylum comes with 3 workout calendars.

Asylum Workout Calendar

Download Asylum Workout Calendar

The Insanity Asylum workout calendar is a 30 day workout plan.  The program information suggests that you start with this calendar first, before trying the hybrid workouts.  Why do I get the feeling not everybody will do this?  Let’s face it, Insanity is crazy tough, and p90X is just as great.  So when people start graduating from these programs, a feeling of invincibility overcomes us all.  So while recommended, I’m sure a few people will jump ahead.  As for me, I plan on starting right here with just Asylum, and then moving straight into a hybrid workout.  Not saying there is a right or wrong, because there’s not.

Asylum Insanity Workout Calendar

Download Asylum & Insanity Calendar

The second calendar in the lineup is the Asylum & Insanity hybrid calendar.  When I took a look at this calendar my first thought was WOW.  A few days have a strength workout mixed in with a cardio workout…. some are just Max Insanity workout days, and yet others have two Asylum workouts back to back.  Say what?  lol.  I guess that’s why Beachbody suggest graduating from 30 days of just Asylum first.  On a positive note, my personal opinion was that Insanity really needed a weight workout in the 60 day plan of Insanity.  With this hybrid, you get the benefit of the Asylum strength workout which is a good thing.  Of course the Insanity Deluxe program has the Upper Body Workout, which is great as well, its just not on the 60 day plan for Insanity.  Which basically means you have to work it in as you see its required.  I still love Insanity though as it stands, toughest workout I have ever completed, (until now probably). 🙂

Asylum P90X Workout Calendar

Download Asylum & P90X Calendar

Last, but certainly not least, and I’m sure it will be a favorite among the Beachbody crowd is the Asylum & p90X hybrid calendar.  Let’s face it, after you’ve done Insanity, you just crave a harder cardio workout as a general rule.  And while P90X cardio liked to kill me on my first round, rounds after, were not as tough on the cardio side.  Now there is an excellent way to combine the P90X resistance workouts, with Insanity type cardio.  Not to mention, variety is the spice of life as Tony Horton of P90X always says, so having numerous cardio workouts in your DVD library is always a good thing!  This was one of the calendars I was really looking forward to taking a look at.  And after looking at it, it looks like the bar has been raised YET again.  After my first 30 days of Asylum, this hybrid will be next on the list.

Don’t forget your recovery!  A sample recovery week between these 30 day workouts would be as follows:

Day 1: Rest Day
Day 2: Relief
Day 3: Speed & Agility
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: Speed & Agility
Day 6: Relief
Day 7 Rest Day

You may also be interested in other workout calendars and downloads offered here at Extremely-Fit, for your convenience, I am listing them below:

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  1. Bjornar Sabjornsen said:

    Good day. Hope you are excellent. I am looking for a p90x plus/ asylum hybrid calendar, is this available?

  2. Robert Harden said:

    We don’t have one available sorry. I would just add an Asylum cardio in place of P90X+ cardio. Instead of doing Interval Plus, do Vertical Plyo instead. And then change out Kenpo Plus, do Asylum Speed & Agility. Then as you wanted to change up the rotation, do a Asylum Strength instead of P90X + Total Body. Just swap them around a bit to keep it changing. Hope this helps!

  3. jay said:

    Is it strength + pure cardio Or
    Strength or pure cardio ?

  4. arthur said:

    if im making the asylum-insanity hibrid workout ,what fit test should i do

  5. Robert Harden said:

    Not that I’m aware of, however… someone somewhere might have created one. You could always take the Asylum/P90X and where you see a cardio workout, swap in an Insanity workout every now and again.

  6. Trey said:

    Im looking for an insanity workout that incorporates the upper body DVD. Is there a calendar out there for this? I got the deluxe tapes but the calendar that I have doesnt include the bonus videos.

  7. Robert Harden said:


    Core Cardio and Balance can be swapped with Max Interval Sports Training. Cardio Abs can be swapped with Insane Abs.

    Shaun T recommends adding in Upper Body Workout 2-3 times per week. While its not specified, you can swap out 2-3 workouts with Upper Body Workout, your choice. Or you can do a double day. A cardio and a Upper Body, 2-3 times per week. Or any combination of the two. Hope this helps!

  8. Ely said:

    I’m going to start Insanity next week, Im a female, 28 years old, 5’6, and weight about 120. I dont want to loose weight, I just want to get toned up, and be more fit doing a program that challenges me. Can you help me with my diet? How many calories should I eat a day to make sure I dont loose too much weight? Any other tips you can give me will be welcome too! Thank you!

  9. Todd said:

    Do you have a good doubles calendar? I’m doing Asylum as my main and then an Insanity or P90X (1 or 2) program later in the day. All was working well until I combined Vertical Plyo with Cardio Power and Resistance. That double crushed my quadsfor three days!

  10. Robert Harden said:

    Todd, I don’t know that I have a doubles calendar, but the Asylum program does come with a P90X/Asylum hybrid. I think if you want to do doubles, just do the P90X/Asylum hybrid, and then on weight days of P90X, add in some extra cardio. Like the Cardio X workout. If you really dial in your diet, you’ll find that doing doubles isn’t really necessary. I got my best results focusing on one program, and making my diet perfect. Good luck!

  11. elena said:

    In the asylum and insanity hybrid on day 26, is it doing game day once and overtime twice or doing both game day and overtime twice ?

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