Insanity Asylum Reviews

Insanity vs. Insanity Asylum

But before we get into Shaun's perspective, I just wanted to take a quick minute to give you my personal experience.  At the time of this writing, I have completed Insanity twice, and Insanity Asylum once (almost).   There are a lot of intimidating reviews out there about Asylum, mine included.  The reviews are all about [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Game Day

Are you in it to WIN it? This is actually a FUN workout.  It's crazy hard, but it's actually fun to go through.  Shaun T is very motivating, and makes the experience as if you were in an actual game.  Whatever sport you are playing, or set of drills, he puts you in the GAME.  [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Vertical Plyo

If that opening sentence left you with a feeling of dread, despair and slightly fearful, it should.  And while I say this is the most challenging workout, physically and mentally, it's also one of the workouts that I appreciate the most.  This workout will challenge your body and your mind, and as difficult as it [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Back to Core

Today, before I start my Insanity Asylum Review, I want to say how grateful I am for the comments and emails I have received about the reviews so far.  I'm always thrilled to get feedback, as long as it's good feedback (smile).  Actually, in almost every review or article I post online, I always ask [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Strength

I'm back with another Insanity Asylum Review!  Today was actually an interesting workout, one that  I was actually looking forward to.  For those of you that have completed, tried or currently working out to Insanity, you know that there is not a weight workout included in the regular version.  Shaun T did release a Deluxe [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Speed & Agility

If you are just joining me, this is actually one in a series of reviews.  So make sure to check out my review list for each workout in Asylum! So today was day 1, but it feels like day 2.  I did the Fit Test yesterday. I also started my 100% clean eating diet yesterday.  [...]


Insanity Asylum Review: Fit Test

So you're thinking about buying Insanity Asylum, or maybe you already have the program.  If you are thinking about buying it, it's basically a 30 day fitness program, meant to be completed after you have graduated from Insanity, P90X, Turbo Fire, or another fairly challenging Beachbody program.  It's meant to be harder than Insanity, which [...]


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