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Insanity Asylum Review: Vertical Plyo

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo is the most challenging Insanity Asylum workout… mentally and physically. This Insanity Asylum Review just might hurt to read, as much as it hurt me to do the actual workout! If that opening sentence left you with a feeling of dread, despair and slightly fearful, it should.  And while I say

Insanity Asylum Review: Strength

I’m back with another Insanity Asylum Review!  Today was actually an interesting workout, one that  I was actually looking forward to.  For those of you that have completed, tried or currently working out to Insanity, you know that there is not a weight workout included in the regular version.  Shaun T did release a Deluxe

Insanity Asylum Review: Fit Test

So you’re thinking about buying Insanity Asylum, or maybe you already have the program.  If you are thinking about buying it, it’s basically a 30 day fitness program, meant to be completed after you have graduated from Insanity, P90X, Turbo Fire, or another fairly challenging Beachbody program.  It’s meant to be harder than Insanity, which