Core de Force

Get into knockout shape—with the mixed martial arts-inspired workout designed to slash inches off your waist, blast away belly fat, and carve total-body definition.

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Insanity MAX:30

The CRAZIEST 30 Minutes of Your Day will get you the best results of your life!

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22 Minute Hard Corps

Now you can “Get Some and Get Done!”—in 22 minutes a day with the quick, military-inspired, no-nonsense workout!

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Beachbody Performance Line

Better Performance. Better Results.

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Our Fitness Approach
We belive that your fitness success and weight loss goals can be achieved in 3 steps.
Find a daily exercise routine that you enjoy.  Walk, run, cycle or choose one of our many fitness programs.  Your goal should be about 5 times a week. Ask us to help you find the right program.
You should never diet. Nothing extreme.  Just start changing your eating habits, swapping bad habits for better ones. Your nutrition is about 90% of your success.
Our customers get free fitness coaching. Even better, ask us about our challenge groups! Daily accountability will get you the BEST results! These groups will help you succeed!

Robert Harden

Independent Beachbody Coach since 2007.
“I have discovered that the fastest way to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals is to surround yourself with others on the same journey.”
In 2006, I discovered Beachbody.

After being out of shape and overweight for too long, I started my fitness journey. I’ve been going strong ever since.  Now let me help you on your fitness journey. You’re not alone…I’ll help you. Contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Never Buy a DVD Again!

Now you can stream INSANITY®, P90X®, FOCUS T25® and over 400 of Beachbody’s most popular workouts with your Beachbody® On Demand Free Trial.

Popular Programs, Proven Results
Unlimited 24/7, Online Access
Daily Calendars & Eating Plans
No DVDs Required


Shakeology® is a powerful superfood-packed protein supplement shake formula designed to deliver the nutrients you need to help you lose weight, reduce junk-food cravings, and provide healthy energy.*
I try my absolute best to help you succeed!
“Thanks for taking care of this for me in such a timely manner. I wish every business had such great customer service. I’ll be back soon! ”
“Robert, You are most kind. Your customer service is miles above and beyond your competition.”
“It is always a bit scary dealing with a new company over the Internet. You can bet that I will be back though, based on your customer service. Thank you very much!! Have a great weekend.”
Looking for a challenge?

If you find yourself needing motivation, accountability, or looking for a new challenge… contact me.  I’ll get you more information.

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