ChaLEAN Extreme, Muscle Burns Fat!

A workout selection guide to help you get the right product.

The much anticipated ChaLEAN Extreme is here! This workout promises to be nothing short of spectacular. If you are ready to get in shape, want to lose weight, and don’t know where to start, this workout is for you! If you’re like me, an exercise fitness fanatic, this workout is still for you!

This is one workout I personally plan on using, and as a matter of fact, I have a start date of December 29th for my first round. I say round 1, because these workouts from Beachbody are not just 90 day programs. They are lifetime programs that you can use over and over. It’s a complete rip-off to buy a
Beachbody routine like ChaLEAN Extreme, P90X, 10 Minute Trainer, etc, because you actually save money on gym memberships, travel time to and from the gym, and nowadays even gas money is precious. So working out from home is the only thing to do! Can you get in shape at home? You bet! I’ve been doing it for over 3 years and am in the best shape of my life. Anway, let me jump to the reason I wrote this guide for selecting the right ChaLEAN Extreme workout. But let me say one more thing, we have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you lose nothing for trying. But getting in shape takes a real commitment and a real workout program, and this is it!

So as I released the product today at the Extremely-Fit website, I realized…there are 4 programs being
offered by Beachbody, and some of my customers might be asking themselves.

Which one? There are currently 5 ChaLEAN Extreme options.

Let me give you a quick breakdown, and then you can then check each one for your final selection.

ChaLEAN Extreme
The base program is the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout Routine. This is where you need to start if you are starting a new routine, or are just starting out. You will want to get some resistance bands or some weights. I use both, and love using both for variety. You also get the miscellaneous guides with this workout that you won’t get with the upgrade kits and dvd only kit. The guides are going to explain everything, diet and nutrition, motivation, proper technique, etc. A must for those of you starting a new program. This is also a good workout if you already own resistance bands and/or weights, because you don’t have to buy more bands and weights just to get the program.

ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe
The ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe is my personal recommendation.  With this kit you get everything you would get by buying the base kit above, but you also get 7 more workout dvd’s!!  Now if you are anything at all like me, variety makes exercise a lot more fun.  So I like having the extra dvd’s.  With the deluxe you also get some resistance bands, weighted gloves, and a balance ball.  With this kit, you are ready to get started, and should be all set for quite some time! This is an excellent choice for the first time starter as well.

ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe Upgrade
The ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe Upgrade Kit is not the entire program. Sometimes shoppers see the lower price and jump at a purchase, then realize that they didn’t get everything they wanted or seen on television. This kit was meant for those that have already purchased the base kit, and then later decided to expand their library of ChaLEAN Extreme. So get this kit if you already have ChaLEAN Extreme base kit.

ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe DVDs
The ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe DVDs is the same thing as in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit but without the bands, weighted gloves, and balance ball. So if you have plenty of bands, and weighted gloves, skip the Deluxe Upgrade Kit and get this DVD Only kit. Keep in mind, this is the dvd only kit, and only contains 7 extra workouts, and does not contain all the dvd workouts offered with the base or deluxe kit.

So there you have it. A quick guide to the ChaLEAN Extreme programs. Remember, we value our customers, we want more than just a customer that buys from our store, we want customers to get fit, be fit, and live longer, happier, healthier lives. We are committed to customer service and our here to help you. Email us with questions about the programs, the nutrition, anything at all. We also offer a free jump start guide when buying any program from Extremely-Fit. Don’t forget to email us with your success stories, we want to hear about your progress!

Did I answer all your ChaLEAN Extreme questions? If not email me. You might also want to check out our fitness-tips blog. Nutrition tips, fitness tips etc can be found here, you can even subscribe to the blog and get tips when they are released.

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