I just finished Burn Intervals. WOW. This workout is about 45 minutes in length. Of the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts I have completed so far, I’ve noticed a pattern: a 5 minute warm up, and almost a 5 minute cool down, sometimes less on the cool down. So far the warm up and cool down has been sufficient for me, but I wouldn’t be afraid to warm up a few minutes before pressing play, or after you finish the dvd. Do what is best for you.

If you’re like me, and READY to workout. Have your remote handy so you can fast forward or skip the typical announcements about playing the game for cash and prizes, and logging in to track your progress.

This workout is excellent. I am very impressed. The workout is a combination of extreme cardio for 1 – 2 minutes, followed by a weighted exercise. As Chalene Johnson states in the dvd, the cardio portion of this workout is to get your heart rate very high. The weighted exercise portion is to bring your heart rate back down and to work your “muscle endurance”. In other words, you are lifting weights for a specified time limit. You are not trying to max out and lift heavy weight. This is an endurance exercise. Throughout the workout dvd, you alternate a cardio routine with a weighted exercise routine. To get more information on your heart rate zones, read this article, the article points out your anaerobic zone, this is where you want to be on the cardio moves.

This type of training, intervals, is actually better for you than regular cardio workouts. A regular cardio workout keeps your heart rate at a specific level for the duration of the exercise. An interval cardio workout, forces you to raise your heart rate to a high level for a short duration, and then lower your heart rate for a short duration, then higher again, etc. This allows you to burn calories long after the cardio workout is over.

Once again, during your workout, take notes. How much weight did you use? Was you able to complete the timed exercise? If so, great! If not, lower your weight next time. There are a few exercises that I will need to adjust for next time. I know this because I had to stop and take a break on a couple of occasions, and the weight was too heavy. But that’s okay, I can correct that for next time.

So if you like lifting weights, and you like burning fat, what a great exercise dvd! During my first time on this video, I managed to burn just over 550 calories, with a max heart rate of 170. My average heart rate was 146. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, I strongly recommend one. This is a great way to get the most from your cardio workouts! Here is an article regarding the use of a heart rate monitor as well.

I feel great, I just finished my workout, typed my review, and now its family time. Enjoy your workouts everybody! Be sure to check out all of my ChaLEAN Extreme reviews!