Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and get into shape knows how much of a struggle it can be. First, it seems that not one action will do the job. It takes a combination of the right foods, exercise regimen, and emotional strength to truly succeed in achieving your best body. Thankfully, though, there are some products out there designed to make it easier for you to live a healthy life. One of the best is the ChaLEAN Extreme diet system. By following this program, you are guaranteed to look and feel better fast. Plus, you won’t need to spend a fortune on prepackaged meals or intoxicate your body with dangerous diet pills.

When you receive the ChaLEAN Extremesystem, you get an all-inclusive program packed into the Fat Burning Food Guide. This book contains more than 100 pages of recipes and meal plans that are simple enough for even the most amateur chefs to follow. It also explains, in clear terms, the ChaLEAN Extreme three-phase program. You begin with the “burn phase.” Then progress to the “push phase,” and, finally, you finish with the “lean phase.”

During the “burn phase, the ChaLEAN Extreme program aims to rev your metabolism and burn those first pounds off fast. It works by significantly restricting your fat and carbohydrate intake. With the focus on fresh produce and protein, you will be fueling your body for muscle growth, which increases your daily calorie burn and helps you shed pounds quickly. This phase also emphasizes lower calorie meals to help you achieve the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

In the “push phase,” you get to add some more variety and calories to your meals. There is also an increase in protein to support the new muscles you are building. After this, you can move on to the “lean phase.” Here, your meals become even higher in calories as you have bolstered your metabolism and are burning more each day. However, after going through the first two phases, you will be used to eating less and are unlikely to overeat even when provided with more food.

Once you finish the ChaLEAN Extreme phases, don’t worry about a weight gaining relapse. The program includes a special maintenance guide to help you keep a steady weight. Plus, the recipes included with ChaLEAN Extreme are varied enough to keep you eating great for months and years to come. Recipes include everything from a healthy cheeseburger to chicken parmesan. What more could you want in a program? Get started today and give your body the nutrients you deserve.

Perhaps the most innovative part of the ChaLEAN Extreme system is that it is specifically designed to work with your exercise program. This means that, unlike other diets, you will never skimp on fitness because you are hungry or under-nourished.