So you’re thinking about P90X and might have asked the question, “Do I need to purchase any additional P90X Equipment?”

Completing a round of P90X takes very little “required” equipment, and there is also some optional equipment and supplements you can use/take as well. I will take you through each area one by one, and that way you can make an informed decision about what you will need and/or want for your first round of P90X, and each additional round thereafter.

Now if you already have P90X, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs where I briefly discuss P90X, and whether or not you should purchase the program. If you’ve already made the purchase, you know the benefits already, and can skip down to the first bold “P90X Equipment”.

First, naturally, you need the P90X workout. You can purchase by P90X by clicking on any highlighted P90X link within this document. Some of you may be trying to decide, is it worth it? Does it work? Can I do it? The answer to those questions: yes, yes, and yes.

“Is it worth it?” The program is a 90 day workout. But you can easily repeat the program over and over. I have completed this program 8 times! Quick math for my personal financial commitment to this program. 720 days, $119.95 program cost, averaged over 720 days equals less than 17 cents a day! Your financial commitment gets better with each passing day of your fitness commitment. This program is so versatile, you can use it over and over.

“Does it work?” Absolutely! Tell yourself, that you can give it 100% for 90 days. Give yourself a fair chance, don’t leave anything in reserves, just go for it. If you follow the exercise program and nutritional guide, you will be amazed at your results. Thousands and thousands have been getting great results, you are no different. You can get these results too! The guide books and program is so thorough, that if you read and apply what’s in the program, you can not fail!

“Can I do it?” P90X is meant to be an advanced workout. I personally started with Power 90, lost 30+ lbs and then started P90X. But I notice more and more people, starting with P90X without going through Power 90 or similar starter program, and they work through it. They may not get the results they want the first round, but fitness is a lifetime journey. Living right, eating right, and feeling better should be a lifetime goal. So they start a second round. Eventually they get there. So if you are a beginner. Start with Power 90. Alternatively, do P90X and take it slow for a few weeks. Instead of doing everything they do on the video, only do half of the weight workouts. Do half the cardio. See how your body feels, then as soon as possible, step up and do more. I see people take this approach everyday, and they make it work, and are getting great results! So you have options.

Last but not least, and then I will get to the equipment. I apologize, I love P90X and get fired up about the program.

You are not alone. When you purchase P90X from Extremely-Fit, we are here for you. You can send questions, comments, ask for help or motivation anytime. I’m available as a free fitness coach to you. Just email me and I can show you how to sign up for that process, and get you the instructions.

P90X Equipment. Required.

P90X Chin Up Bar
Chin Up Bar. You need a place to do chin ups. You can use a straight chin up bar, out in your garage, home made, after market etc. Any place you can do chin ups. I have personally used the home made version, using a straight bar. But I prefer the P90X Chin Up Bar. I have a fairly good description of the bar on my product page, you can get more information there, including specifications and the actual installation instructions. It will work on any standard door frame with molding. Check the specs and make sure it will work for you before you buy. We also have a 30 day guarantee if you don’t like the P90X Chin Up Bar. I’ve used mine for 7 of the 8 rounds, and it’s holding up fine! And it’s still holding me up too.

P90X Resistance Bands
Weights or Bands. I started out using the weights you buy at Wal-Mart, they worked and got me started. The kind that you have to twist on and off the collars…. It wasn’t long before I realized that this wasn’t going to work! It took too long in between sets, and I spent too much time pausing the dvd player. So I did some research. It seemed that the adjustable weights were pretty popular. BowFlex SelectTech is one model. I found PowerBlocks. They are based on the same principal but a bit less pricey. A very affordable option is the resistance bands. I use resistance bands from time to time to make things different, as Tony Horton says, “Variety is the spice of life”. I also use resistance bands when I’m on the road. When used properly, you can get a great workout with the bands. Squeeze and flex at the top of each rep and you will be surprised! That’s all you need for the P90X program.

P90X Equipment. Optional.

P90X Power Stands
Power Stands or Push Up Stands. Once you have completed your first round of P90X, you may be ready to step up the intensity. You may even be ready to step up that intensity before the end of your first round! One way to step up the intensity is to purchase the Power Stands or Push Up Stands by Tony Horton. This allows you to really get deep in the push up, and add intensity. I started with the Push Up Stands, and then moved into the Power Stands. The Power Stands are more expensive, but I can say, they are more sturdy, and comfortable. The handles on the Power Stands are thicker and have more padding, and feel better on the push up. You do a lot of push ups in P90X, you want to be comfortable.

P90X Health Formula
Multi Vitamin. I put this as optional, but I really feel like it is required. Get on a good solid multi vitamin. I take the P90X Health Formula, but the ActiVit Multi Vitamin will work too. If the P90X Health Formula is too much money, at least go with the ActiVit Multi Vitamin. It’s very affordable, gets you a 30 day supply, and you need a good quality multi vitamin to help your body recover from working out. Don’t skip this. Of course there are options for other brands or cheaper brands. I trust Beachbody, that’s why I say go with at least the ActiVit, or the Health Formula (if you can afford it). I know these are top grade quality supplements, much better than other brands.

P90X Recovery Formula
P90X Recovery Formula. This stuff tastes great! I’m going to again refer you to the P90X Recovery Formula product page, not because I am trying to make a sale, but the P90X Recovery Formula product page has detailed information, and I would only be duplicating it here. I started off taking this supplement have been taking it ever since. I really enjoy the benefits. It does what it says it does, helps the body recover. You lose a lot of nutrients during a workout, and this gets you back to where you need to be. It also has nutrients to help your muscles recover faster.

And that’s all you need for P90X Equipment. You can see the required list is very easy. Weights or bands, and a chin up bar. The optional list is just as simple, a good multi vitamin (should be required), the recovery drink, and push up stands later. Remember, I’m also a fitness coach and am available to help you on your fitness quest. Contact me anytime. Good luck!

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