Did you ever think that you could work out at home and get in great shape from the comforts of your own home? I’m not talking about, doing a few reps with a couple of dumbbells, or running around the block a few times. I’m talking about an effective total body workout at home. A workout that gets results!

With advanced workout routines and effective techniques, it’s possible to workout at home, lose weight, and get in great shape. Keep reading, and I will give you all the basic information you need to workout at home.

We rarely get the time to exercise, with busy schedules and fixed appointments, raising kids, working two jobs, or long hours, life is a tough scene at times. In addition, the rising cost of living, and our economy has been a great hindrance in paying that gym membership. But with the growing number of available home workout routines available, all of us can now boast a healthy body and sexy figure.

Working out at home is not only cheap but also convenient. Time becomes a constraint if you are an enrolled member of a gym, and often times, a trainer is not always available, or it costs extra. If you have joined a group workout, you have to follow strict schedule times. Often there are times, you just don’t want to be at the gym, but you would like to workout. So why not just workout at home? You can browse through the web to find a solid workout program, one that completely instructs you through the various aspects of getting in shape. One that will help you with workout technique, diet, and routines. You also want to find a home workout that will help you understand the basics of general fitness and nutrition.

Is it possible to lose weight, get in shape, just by working out at home?

Why not? You are working out after all and that’s the main thing. And most of these home workout programs don’t require expensive gym equipment. You generally only need basic dumbbells, hand weights, resistance bands, or something similar to begin the program. With some research, you can find a workout program that suits your specific style. Some programs are basic routines for beginners, and others are more extreme. But regardless of whether you are just beginning, or have been working out for years, there are home workout programs for every one. I recommend taking some time to examine your fitness goals, this way you can find a program most suited for you. Do you need to lose weight, try a basic starter program. Do you want to get extremely-fit, try an advanced program.

Once you determine a program that is right for you. Move next to your diet and nutrition. Does the program have an included diet program? If not, you may want to consider another program, or at least find a diet program compatible with the workout program. I highly recommend finding a program that not only shows you how to workout and get in shape, but also helps you learn how to make healthy food choices, improve the way you eat, and ideally, provides a diet guide. Without a solid diet and nutrition program, your workout program will not yield the best results. When you look for a home workout program, think of it as a two part process. Working out and diet/nutrition.

There are other benefits to working out at home. When starting a workout program, sometimes it’s easy to be uncomfortable in a new environment, such as a gym. You may be unfamiliar with what weights to use, are you lifting properly, are people watching you make mistakes. This is common for people starting a new program. Working out at home can be very comfortable as you are aware of the environment. It helps your mind to be relaxed and you can ultimately enjoy what you are doing, and focus on the task at hand.

A very important final decision is overall cost. A gym membership may cost anywhere from $30-$50 a month. This can quickly add up. However, a home workout program has an initial start up cost, the cost to buy the program, and then nothing to pay monthly. A home workout program can quickly pay for itself.

So what are you waiting for? Find a program that works best for you, make sure it is from a reputable company, such as Beachbody, has proven results, and that it includes a diet and nutrition guide. Most good programs come with a guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, but your excess weight!

As a fitness coach, and also one that has made a total body transformation from home workouts, let me personally recommend what has worked for me! I started with a basic program called Power 90, and then moved on to an advanced program called P90X. Both of these programs provide fitness guides and more importantly nutrition guides. By following the programs, I lost 30+ lbs in 90 days! Everything you need to get in great shape is provided in these programs. Good luck, and feel free to contact me with questions.