You’ve decided to buy P90X and get in the absolute best shape of your life. So like all of us would do, you search around for the best deal. You might also consider purchasing a used P90X program. As a fitness coach and an “official retailer” of the P90X workout, let me break down for you the pro’s and the con’s of buying a used P90X. Before I get any further, let me qualify the term “official retailer”. Extremely-Fit sells the exact same product as Beachbody, as we obtain this product from Beachbody. Please be careful where you purchase, you don’t want a “knockoff” or a “fake” as some of the sellers on Ebay are offering. These are likely only copies of the original, and may or may not be properly recorded or copied, or contain everything you need.

  • Make sure everything is included. The used P90X should come with at least the following: 12 DVD’s, a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, a calendar, and a “how to” dvd. You may want to review our item description for a new P90X program. This will provide you with everything you need to know about what you need with your used P90X program. You want as much of the contents as possible.
  • Make sure the used P90X comes with both of the guides! You want to make sure you get a nutritional guide and a fitness guide! Don’t skip the guides! I have people contact me all the time, asking questions about the nutritional plan, and what order they should do the workouts. What does this tell me? They researched the best price of P90X, and thought they purchased the entire kit, but ended up with a copied set of DVD’s. Or alternatively, they purchased P90X, for less, and had no idea it came with a nutritional and fitness guide. Don’t let this happen to you! This is the number one reason I am writing this article. Just because you have the DVD’s, does not mean you have everything you need to get in great shape. The fitness and nutritional guides are very important. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and ensure your success! Especially the nutritional guide. It explains everything! How much to eat, what to eat, and how to make sure you are eating the right foods.
  • Make sure your used P90X DVD’s are in working condition. This program goes in phases of 30 days each, and each phase is depending on specific DVD’s for that phase. If one of your DVD’s is not working, you miss that workout, which has a vital role in the program. I know for a fact that when you purchase a new P90X, you get a 90 day guarantee. At least you do from Beachbody or from our store. So if you find out 30 days into the program, that your 2nd month DVD is not working, you can get a replacement for free. Does your 3rd party sellers offer this on their used P90X? Find out about the guarantee! You can check out our guarantee by clicking here.
  • Make sure you are buying an original copy of P90X. Make sure the person selling the used P90X program has a legitimate (original) copy of the program. There are sellers out there (Ebay and others) selling a product that is a “copy” of the original. This is pirated software and illegal. Please be careful.

In summary. I believe there are some great deals on a used P90X program. Perhaps people that bought P90X, tried it, and found it was not for them. But be careful who you buy from. Make sure you get a legitimate copy that has all the important parts of the program. I have been using P90X since January of 2006, it’s a program that you can repeat over and over, and I wholeheartedly believe, it is worth the retail price. If in doubt, buy a new copy of the P90X program.