Hey everyone, back with another one of my almost famous 10 Minute Trainer Reviews. 🙂 Today, is ab day. This ab workout is tough. I’m thinking to myself, this will be a breeze, I can hang with 10 minutes. This ab workout is crazy. If you want to work your abs fast and hard, this is the one for you. I didn’t think the 10 minutes would ever end. There are 20 moves in 10 minutes. Yes, I said 20 moves. They are 30 seconds each. And, I am convinced that every fiber of every muscle in my abdomen was worked over. Almost all of these moves have some sort of modification for those just starting out or nursing an injury. There is no warm up or cool down. All you need is a mat, and some serious will power. This 10 Minute Trainer ab workout is an awesome addition to your routine, 3 times a week. Here’s our long and scary list of ab moves:

Move #1: Cross Crunch
Move #2: Bridge Crunch
Move #3: Iso Bike
Move #4: Speed Bike
Move #5: Golden Gate
Move #6: Side Arm “O” Crunch
Move #7: Side Arm “O” Crunch, opposite side
Move #8: Hip Lift Kick
Move #9: Hip Lift Kick, opposite side
Move #10: Plank “O” Crunch
Move #11: 3 Point Plank Crunch
Move #12: 3 Point Plank Crunch, opposite side
Move #13: Lolasana
Move #14: The Dawn
Move #15: Mountain Climber
Move #16: Superman Crunch
Move #17: Tick Tock Lift
Move #18: Peek a Boo
Move #19: Scissor Crunch
Move #20: Scissor Lift

I think it’s safe to say that this ab workout has more crunches than a bag of potato chips. It’s amazing that a person can cram all of that in during a 10 minute workout. The names of the moves all make perfect sense once you see them, and begin doing them. There is really not much else to say, other than it’s hard, but effective if done in conjunction with the other 10 Minute Trainer workouts. That’s all for now, check back in a few days, I’ll be talking about 10 Minute Trainer Reviews: Lower Body. Thanks for stopping by….like I always say, it’s only 10 minutes. 🙂