Here’s the first in my series of 10 Minute Trainer Reviews.   I’ll start with Day 1 of the “Getting Started” workout plan included with your 10 Minute Trainer workout package.  Day 1 of this plan is Cardio.  The cardio workout begins with an optional 2 minute warm-up and 2 minute cool down.  These both consist of small movements and light stretches. This would actually make your workout 14 minutes, but I think it’s totally worth those extra 4 minutes to help prevent injury.  Your body needs preparation.  You might think “it’s only 10 minutes, I’m in a hurry”, but you could hurt your self in a matter of seconds.  The time it takes to prevent an injury is so much shorter than the time it takes to treat and recover from an injury.   To read more about stretching and injury prevention please reference our previous article entitled The Importance of Stretching.

You may use your resistance bands, cardio belt with door attachment and safety belt for added tension/resistance to take your workout to a higher level.  We’ll talk more about these various fitness aids in future 10 Minute Trainer Reviews.  As always, use of the bands and cardio belt are optional.  You may want to start without using them, and adding them later on as you become more familiar with the routines.  Or, if you feel like you need a challenge.  🙂   So, let’s get to it.  Let’s talk about the 10 moves in 10 minutes.  They are simple to do, maybe not so easy, but certainly effective!

Move #1: Combo Run

Move #2: Warrior Lunges

Move #3: Tires

Move #4: Off The Line

Move #5: Charleston Kick

Move #6: Circle Run

Move #7: The Gretch

Move #8: Defensive Slide

Move #9: Side Lunge, Side Kick

Move #10: Hop Squat, Run Home

I think that the names of these moves are all pretty self explanatory.  It’s hard to imagine that 10 moves in 10 minutes could produce such a great workout, but they do.  So, with the warm-up and cool down you have a total time investment of 14 minutes.  If you have 14 minutes, you can do this.  And, if you have more than 14 minutes, you also have the option of adding 1 or 2 of the other 10 Minute Trainer workouts to get even greater, faster results.  There are many other combinations by just swapping out the various 8 workout routines available in the 10 Minute Trainer series.  Variety is so important when it comes to a exercise program.   Who wants to be bored with their workouts?

Thanks for reading my first of many 10 Minute Trainer Reviews.  All you need is 10 minutes…..I know you can find it.  🙂