Hey everyone, it’s time for another one of my 10 Minute Trainer Reviews. Today I’m going to post a little bit about the Yoga Flex workout. Same concept as the other 10 Minute Trainer workouts: 10 moves in 10 minutes. You only need a couple of items for this workout: a yoga mat, a towel, a bottle of water, and an optional yoga block. Also, if you like to go barefoot, that is okay, too. You also have the choice of whether or not you want to do the warm-up and cool-down, each one being 2 minutes. So, all together, you have a 14 minute workout, like we discussed in my 10 Minute Trainer Reviews: Cardio.

Ok, here are your 10 yoga moves in 10 minutes:

Move #1: Sun Salutation
Move #2: Split Leg and Hamstring Stretch
Move #3: Runner Pose and Side Lunge
Move #4: Right Angle Pose
Move #5: Warrior II and Reverse Warrior
Move #6: Hamstring Stretch
Move #7: Wide Leg and Cobbler’s Stretch
Move #8: Pigeon Stretch
Move #9: Torso Twist
Move #10: Cat/Camel and Child’s Pose

I think that a lot of those titles are self-explanatory, but the one’s you don’t recognize you will understand after you’ve watched them and done them. These stretches are designed to increase your range of motion and flexibility. I think they also decrease your risk of injury during future workouts. The Yoga Flex moves stretch your gluts, groin, hamstrings, laterals, back, shoulders, thighs, and more! The movements you make and hold during the workout are all very linear. In that I mean that you will make a lot of straight lines with your body during these moves. The longest that you have to hold any particular pose is 30 seconds.

Remember, during the Yoga Flex, you have to breathe. Breathing is so important. Deep inhaling and exhaling helps your muscles and body relax, which can help you stretch just a little bit more. And, when it’s all over, you feel so good and so relaxed. You’ll be glad that you did it, and your body will be happy, too. 🙂

This wraps up another one of my 10 Minute Trainer Reviews. Thanks for reading and I look forward to the next one. And, remember, it’s only 10 minutes……I know you can find it. 🙂