Here we go with number 3 in the 10 Minute Trainer Reviews series. I think I’ll take a bit of a different approach with this review. Today, I’ll be describing each of the 10 moves that are featured in the workout. It is still the same concept, 10 moves in 10 minutes. This workout is a little different in that it is working your total body, instead of just focusing on one particular area. As with each of the 10 Minute Trainer workouts, you have the optional 2 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down, making this a total of 14 minutes. The only thing you need for this workout is a resistance band of your choice. Use the band that works for you. You might start off with a lighter band, and work your way up to the heavier bands for more of a challenge and faster results.

Ok, here’s our 10 moves:

Move #1: Chuckups – These are push ups with a twist, actually 3 twists. 🙂 The first set you have your thumbs facing inward, second set you move your hands back to the traditional postion but with your elbows out, and the third set you place your hands and arms wide.

Move #2: Switch Wrist Lawn Mower – Starting with your resistance bands in a lunge position, make a movement like you are starting a lawn mower. You’ll do 2 sets on each side, moving fast and then slow.

Move #3: Corkscrew & Military Press – Starting with one foot on the floor, the other leg knee up, use your bands to stretch your arms up high and straight over your head.

Move #4: Crazy Eights – Start with your bands, holding your arms bent at the waist. Bend one arm for a count of 8 slow, then a count of 8 fast. Then switch to the opposite arm. Repeat.

Move #5: Tricep Kickback Throws – I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory. Use your band.

Move #6: Band Crunch – Also, like move #5, self-explanatory. Use your band.

Move #7: Cyclone – This one is all you, no band needed. I personally think this one doubles as an exercise and a stretch. I think it feels kind of good. 🙂 Start with your legs apart, arms straight up. You begin twisting at the waist in one direction. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch and turn in the other direction. The trick is keeping your arms straight and still while you turn at the waist.

Move #8: Rocking Iso Lunge – This one is with the band, works your gluts, quads, and shoulders.

Move #9: Deep Seats – Using your band, squat with your legs together for 20 seconds, then squat with legs apart and arms bent (hands should be even with and in front of your shoulders) for 20 seconds, and then place your hands on your back at hip level and squat for 20 seconds. This is a tough one thrown in at the end, my legs are pretty tired by this point.

Move #10: Carlito Push ups – This is definitely the closer. I was thinking “stick a fork in me” by the time I finished this one. These are 20 seconds each: Start in plank position, step up, reach up, no push up with this. Then, push up and jump up. Finally, plank and jump up.

This one is short and sweet. So far, this one seems to be the toughest I’ve written about. Thanks for reading, and check back in a couple of days for the next in my series of 10 Minute Trainer Reviews. It’s only 10 minutes, I know you’ve got it. 🙂