After 4 weeks of the Push Circuit, and 3 weeks of not being able to write any ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews, I was very anxious to get out of bed this morning, and push play on the Lean Circuit 1. Finally! New material to review. ChaLEAN Extreme fits right in to my workout preferences, I like switching up the routines, which also promotes Muscle Confusion, and helps to ward off the boredom that can set in with doing the same workouts over and over. Switching the workout routines every 4 weeks is perfect!

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to write a review lately, I again want to go off track briefly. Scroll down to “ChaLEAN Extreme Reivews: Lean Circuit 1” to skip over this “pep talk”.

We are now entering the final 4 weeks of our first 90 days. If this is your first time doing a 90 day cycle, or if this is your first workout program, let me share with you my “routine”. Since 2005, I have been doing 90 day workouts. I don’t allow myself to think about day 91 within the first 60 days of my program. I focus everything I have on just working out and eating right. I tell myself I can do anything for 90 days. About week 9 of the program, I consider “going into” the “home stretch”. At this point, I’m still focused on my 90 day program, but I pause long enough to think about my goals, which I previously wrote down. I re-evaluate these goals, what do I need to improve to achieve those goals? Are they realistic? Do I need to adjust my goals? Did I achieve them? If so, make new ones, and write them down. Then I start thinking about what I’m going to do for my NEXT round. That way on day 90, I’m already setup for my next round. I don’t lose any momentum contemplating about what to do next.

With that process complete. I then set my mind back on finishing my last 4 weeks with all my strength, all my intensity, a positive mind, and I start to dial in on a near perfect nutritional diet. Eat lean, not necessarily less. Skip a few more cheat meals. If I’m having one a week (which I do), then I may skip every other week. Something, anything to push myself further. You do this too! Then about the last two weeks, the actual “home stretch”, you should be in the zone. I consider these last two weeks as a machine like process. I zone out all the undesirables, and like a machine move through all the paces that will direct me to my success. A machine doesn’t get off track, deviate, or change direction.

So now, you take a moment too. Think about your goals for this round, and your goals for the next round, push away the negative, and zone in on your full potential. Be a machine. Let’s take this last 4 weeks with everything we have!

ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Lean Circuit 1

This workout is the longest so far, about 45 minutes. Now don’t immediately think 45 MINUTES! Several of the workout sets are single arm exercises, so it takes longer. Now unlike the Push Circuit where you were failing at 6-8 reps, this circuit you go 10-12 reps. So your goal is 12, and if you reach Muscle Failure at 10, that’s OK. But you want to fail, you don’t want to quit because it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard! If you can lift more than 12, or your last 3 are not hard, you need to add weight. You must do this! You want to build muscle, tone muscle, muscle burns more calories, muscle burns fat!

This workout is a great workout. You are going to focus on biceps, triceps, legs and your core. My biceps and triceps were “finished”, “done”, “toast” after this workout!

You start off with the Chalene Johnson warm up, which last just under 5 minutes. You do some stretches, and some warm up sets with light weights. Then you’re off and running for the next 40 minutes!

  1. Single-Calf Raise, Bicep Curl – With this exercise, you will use a chair for balance. Raise one leg, and balance on one leg only. Using the opposite arm as your leg, you will perform a single bicep curl and a single leg calf raise. For example, single leg calf raise on your right leg, while using your left arm for the single arm bicep curl. You will complete this set, then do an extreme set with the same arm. Then you will rotate and do the opposite side.

    Extreme Set – Single arm, extrermely slow bicep curls. Slow to lift and as slowly as possible on the way down. 3 reps total.

  2. Tricep Push-Ups – Simple enough, narrow tricep push ups. The trick is to keep your elbows back, where as you lower into the push up, your elbows are touching your sides. Advanced move… Use Power Stands!

    Extreme Set – Overhead Tricep Press. Holding a single weight, have a seat in your chair. Lift the weight directly over your head. Keeping your elbows in a stationary position, lower the weight back towards the back of your head and the lift again. 3 reps. Your weight should be somewhere in the weight range of what you would do a single tricep kick back times two. So if you do tricep kickbacks with 10 lbs each. Around 20 lbs for your Extreme set.

  3. Split Lunge with Biceps – Assuming a runner’s type stance, you are going to lower into a squat as you perform a bicep curl. As you raise out of your squat, you will lower your bicep curl. You will do 6 reps, then without stopping, simply switch legs.

    Extreme Set – No biceps, but do 3 slow squats in a regular shoulder width stance.

  4. Stationary Runner’s Lunge – Double Triceps – This move will have you in a runner’s stance again, but this time lean forward and keep a flat back. You are going to perform a double tricep kickback. Slowly!

    Extreme Set – Using a chair, you will perform chair dips for the triceps. For an easier exercise, keep your legs bent at a 90 degree angle on the floor. To make this more challenging, move your feet further away. More challenging, keep your legs straight out in front of you. Want more? One leg straight, and lift one leg off the floor. Are you crazy? Use a second chair and put both feet on the opposite chair. And the last advanced move (short of adding weight to your lap) both feet in the chair, and lift one leg. Talk about options!

  5. Bicep Curl with Hamstring Curl – Right and Left – This move will require your thigh toner band. Place the band around your ankle, and around the heel of your opposite foot. You are going to perform a single bicep curl while doing a hamstring curl at the same time. For example. If you are doing a left leg hamstring curl, you will do a single bicep curl with your right hand. You will do 12 reps, then do the Extreme Set. After the Extreme Set, you switch sides, followed by the other Extreme Set.

    Extreme Set – Single bicep curls. Your biceps should be on fire.

  6. Plank with Single-Tricep Extension – This was by far the most challenging move I have done in the Chalean Extreme program! In the plank position, you will hold a single weight in one hand. Holding your plank position, you will do tricep kickbacks. You must focus on keeping your hips flat, if you find yourself shifting your weight to one side, and raising the hip, get your hip back down, or lower to your knees. This one move, called upon my mental strength.

    Extreme Set – Tricep push ups. Lower down, hold at the bottom, then push back up again. Advanced move…. Power Stands!

  7. Reverse Lunge – Double-Arm Bicep Curl – Performing a bicep curl with the weights in the top position, you will step back and lower the weights at the same time. As you begin to lift the weights, you will stop lifting half way, then step forward with your back foot, then as you raise back up fully, you will complete the curl. At your 6th rep, you’ll switch feet, but you won’t stop.

    Extreme Set – Perform 3 reps of regular squats, feet shoulder width apart.

  8. Supine Tricep – Selecting a weight that is about double the weight of a single tricep kickback, you will lie on your back, and lift the weight directly straight up, directly over your face. Please don’t drop the weight! With your elbows acting as a hinge, lower your arms and the weight down, and then lift them back up again. Your elbows will remain stationary.

    Extreme Set – Regular pushups, 3 slow reps, perfect form. Powerstands for an advanced move.

  9. Sumo Squat Calf Raise with Bicep Curl – This move was challenging since I’m unable to be coordinated. Assume a sumo squat, lower yourself into a squat, and raise the weight into a bicep curl. As you raise back up out of the squat, lower the bicep curl. To make this even more challenging, at least for me, at the top of the squat, raise up on your toes to work the calves.

    Extreme Set – Regular bicep curl, both arms at the same time.

Finish the workout with a 2 minute cooldown, but definitely take more time if you need to. My biceps and triceps were sufficiently worked over at the completion of this workout. I hope yours are too. Breaking down muscle, promotes muscle growth. Muscle burns fat. More muscle, means more calories burned per day. You are doing great! I hope you have made it this far, and I hope to hear from you soon! Email me your ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews, I look forward to reading them. If you have a longer review that you would like to share, I’m more than happy to post it here! Email me here, [email protected] If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, please do, and pass the blog on to your family and friends. Together we can make a difference in our lives!