Let me just throw this out there first thing. I am really enjoying the Lean Circuit. I was going to say that it was my favorite circuit on my last review of Lean Circuit 1, but thought it might be too early. Now with Lean Circuit 2, I would have to say my former favorite Push Circuit is in danger of losing the competition. But this is a good thing for you and I because that means ChaLEAN Extreme is packed with great workouts! So without further delay, I’m going to jump right into it.

ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Lean Circuit 2

The whole workout lasts just under 40 minutes. A 4 minute warmup gets you ready, and then you jump right into the workout.

  1. Sumo Squat Anterior Delt Lift – This is a great exercise. You can really get a deep squat, and use a fairly heavy weight. Using only one dumbbell, and both hands, lower the dumbbell straight down. Then as you lower into the squat, you lower the weight as well. As you raise out of the squat, raise the weight. Don’t allow yourself to use gravity to take the weight down, or drop the weight too quickly. Control the movement as you slowly lower the weight.

    Extreme Set – One thing about the Lean Circuit, opposed to the other circuits. You get right into the Extreme Sets! This set is just a sumo squat with the weights on your shoulders. Your legs are strong, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and add some weight. First time out, I grabbed an equal weight to what I just used, but next week, I plan on adding some weight.

  2. Double-Arm Row – Single-Leg Lift with Band – This exercise takes some balance and works your core. Which is always good! Using your thigh toner band around your ankles, you will lift your weight into a double arm row, while lifting your leg to the back. Keep your leg straight. The higher you can lift your leg, the easier the row gets, and the harder your leg works.

    Extreme Set – Double-Arm Row with no leg lifts.

  3. Single Hamstring Curls, with Lateral Raise – Again using the thigh toner band, you will not do a leg lift as you did earlier, but a hamstring curl. It’s easier if you will wrap the band around your heal, instead of your ankle while performing the curls. Watch your that is doing the curl, at the top position, your knee should be pointing straight down. On your lateral raise, be sure to lead with your elbows as you raise the weight, and you should be able to look over and see that your arm is out in front of your body, don’t let your arms drift backwards.

    Extreme Set – Only the Lateral Raise, no hamstring curls.

  4. Runner’s Lunge with Double-Arm Row – This is a great exercise to add a little weight. You get into a runner’s lunge, lean into the lunge, keeping your back flat, and perform the double arm row. My legs were really on fire. Switch legs at 6 reps.

    Extreme Set – Just the double arm row. Pause and hold at the top of the exercise, and focus on squeezing your shoulders together.

  5. Lateral Raise with Adbuction with Bands – Grab two weights, and your thigh toning band. You will perform the lateral raise with your arms, and raise your leg to the side at the same time. As you raise the leg, you raise the weights. As you lower the weights, you lower your leg. Great exercise, I liked this one quite a bit. Again, you’re switching legs after 6 reps on each leg.

    Extreme Set – Lateral raise with no legs. Keep your abs in tight, and pull you shoulders back.

  6. Plank with Single-Arm Row – So in the Lean Circuit 1, I thought the plank with one arm tricep was tough! Well here we are in Lean Circuit 2, and we are back in the plank position. This time we are doing a single arm, straight up row. Focus on keeping your hips flat, don’t allow them to roll upwards to the strong side. Great great exercise. I love the hard ones! I had to take 3 breaks, but plan on improving that next week!

    Extreme Set – Regular push ups on the extreme set. Keep your butt down! Back straight! Pause at the bottom. SLOW!

  7. Reverse Lunge – Lateral Raise – With two weights, you’ll rest one on your leg, and work one side at a time. So for explanation sake. Rest your weight on your left leg, and step back with your right leg, and as you step back, raise your right arm out towards the front of your body, with your elbow slightly bent. You want the weight and your elbow to be at the same height at the top of the exercise. You want to switch at 6 reps.

    Extreme Set – After a 10 second break, you start to get extreme! Standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, you will lead with your elbow as you perform the lateral raise. You must go slow to get the maximum benefit!

  8. Posterior Deltoid Raise with Leg Lift – This one exercise is a little different. YOu will get down on all fours. Like you are about to get into a push up position with your knees down. Now you will raise one leg, straight back. This leaves one knee on the floor. Which ever leg this is, you will use the same arm for the exercise. So if you lift your left leg back, then you will use your right arm. Lifting your arm out to the side, leading with your elbow, pushing your pinkie on your hand, out to the top of the movement. You’ll get it once you see it. 🙂

    Extreme Set – For the extreme set, you do the same movement with your arms, but you do this with both arms at the same time. You also do the exercise on your feet, leaning forward with a flat back, and keeping your tailbone up. Let’s get 3! Get Extreme!

  9. Squat with Double-Arm Anterior Delt Lift – For this exercise, you will stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and perform a squat. As you squat, you will have a weight in each hand, something lighter, since you are working your shoulders, lift your arms upwards. Arms will stay straight, lead with the thumbs. THis is similiar to the very first exercise except you are using two weights instead of a single weight.

    Extreme Set – Squats. Load up your weights! YOu only have to do 3 reps, and your legs can lift more than you think they can. So go heavy. Stay back on your heels for the squat.

You have a 4 minute cool down, and you are done! Great job, you’re doing an amazing job, for those of you that are working out with me. If you haven’t yet taken the program out for a spin, I encourage you to buy ChaLEAN Extreme. You won’t be disappointed!

As always, email me, I look forward to it! Thank you for stopping by again and reading my ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews.