I should be ashamed of myself, I have done all this talk about the Importance of Stretching, and have been doing the ChaLEAN Extreme program for 10 weeks now, and have yet to post my ChaLEAN Extreme Review on Recharge. So even though I have been delinquent on my Recharge review, I strongly encourage incorporating the DVD into your weekly schedule. If not Recharge, some other form of stretching.

After you read this quick review, click on over to The Importance of Stretching as well, I believe the information in the article will be of benefit and more clearly state why it’s so important. One such reason, is as stated:

“When you stretch your body, you improve muscle flexibility. This helps you move your muscles over a greater range of motion. Consequently, your muscles are less likely to tear as you move through resistance moves or participate in cardiovascular activities. Additionally, stretching relaxes your muscles, making them less tight and preventing post-workout stiffness. Tight muscles waste energy and can fatigue more quickly than those that are relaxed. Plus, relaxed muscles are less susceptible to stress and can heal faster after a tough workout.”

With that said, I’m a big fan of Recharge. The DVD is approximately 21 minutes in length. Chalene Johnson starts off with some basic stretch moves: Arm Sweep & Chair, Ragdoll, Moving Fan, Plie, Fan, and one called Stretch. All basic moves, easily performed, and they all feel great. You perform each exercise just long enough to get your muscles warm, and if you have been working out all week doing ChaLEAN Extreme, this just feels “good”.

After your basic stretch you move into some very basic Yoga moves. Nothing complicated, don’t picture yourself in a pretzel stretch. 🙂 As stated the moves are “basic”. They are not complicated at all, trust me. If you are familiar with Yoga, or if you are a P90X graduate, and have done Yoga X, you will likely know what I mean when I mention some of the Yoga stretches. You start in Plank, and work yourself into a stretch called Up Dog, followed by (you guessed it) Down Dog. You work a few Split Leg Stances, then stretch into some Warrior Stances, Right Angle, Triangle. Basic, classic Yoga moves.

You finish up the program with a Runner’s Lunge and Pyramid, a stretch called Pigeon, and finish with a Butterfly stretch. The program is short and sweet, and effective! 21 minutes and you’re done, and really with such a quick DVD, you really have no excuse not to stretch. It’s good for you, and it will improve your level of fitness. So please, don’t forget to stretch. In my Importance of Stretching article, I also list some other programs with good stretch routines, if you want to add some more stretch DVDs to your collection. Variety keeps it fun, interesting, and different. I find that this philosophy is good for every fitness program, which is the primary reason I am continually seeking out the next great program from Beachbody. 🙂 Currently that program is ChaLEAN Extreme.

Thanks for reading my ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews. Please subscribe or check back for more reviews and articles. Have a great stretch!