P90X Clothing, Bring It!

P90X Clothing
If you have been doing P90X, you know it’s an Extreme Workout! That’s why you need P90X Clothing, it’s Extreme too! Not to mention the t-shirts and tanks are just cool! I just got finished doing one of my Tony Horton ab workouts, while sporting my P90X tank top, so I thought what better time to get in here and give you a quick review on the P90X Clothing line.

I personally purchased the P90X T-Shirt (black) and the P90X Tank Top (black and grey). What can I say, I’m a fan. When I do something, I have to go all out! Ask my wife, that’s why I have to have everything Beachbody makes!

I really like my P90X Clothing. They’re all 100% cotton, they’re soft, and very comfortable. I’ve used my P90X Clothing for both workouts and also some casual wear (riding my Harley). I’ve had a couple people throw me the “X” sign, and others ask me about the program because they have seen it on TV.

They way I see it, I have to have clothes to workout in, and clothes to wear out and about, so I might as well be sporting a t-shirt or tank top from my favorite workout. P90X!

Jump on over to our product page(s) for more details. I’ll also post some pictures below for you to take a look at. I hope you enjoy wearing your P90X Clothing as much as I do mine.

Talk to you soon, I have to get back to writing my next article, a P90X vs. ChaLEAN Extreme comparison.



P90X Clothing, Bring It!