I always enjoy talking with customers about there fitness goals and their eventual success with a fitness program. When Sandra (left) contacted me and asked a question about P90X, I knew right away she would be an inspiration to others, and would make a great P90X Review. I could tell in her email correspondence that she was dedicated to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. So after answering her question about P90X, I asked her for permission to add her testimonial to the website. As you will read below, she’s 38, and a certified fitness instructor. After a lifetime of fitness, and wanting to take her fitness to the next level, she tried P90X. Great job Sandra, keep up the great work!

From Sandra: “I am 38 and having been working out since my early twenties. I recently did a photo shoot and got some fitness shots published at this crazy age….kinda cool! I purchased P90X because I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I am on week 8 and will soon begin Phase 3 of the program. I love the program; I’ve found an increase in my strength as well as flexibility, which were weak areas for me. I still add 5 days of cardio to my P90X program…..they are very early morning workouts.

I was wondering If you could repeat the program once again once the 90 days are completed. Can you just change it up and work a different routine? What are your thoughts once a person finishes a program?”

Thanks again for the testimonial, and since this is such a popular question with P90X grads, I’ll provide a quick answer. The quickest answer is “yes”. You can simply repeat the program, or do one of the other rotations provided with the program. The program has a “classic, lean, and doubles” rotation. Doubles will certainly continue to propel you forward in your fitness, but takes a little longer as you often have two workouts per day. Not all of us have time for this. An alternative is to keep the P90X resistance workouts as the “core” of your rotation, but then add in or try new cardio routines. Several options for this are available. You could even try P90X+, which is made specifically for P90X graduates. In time, you will find yourself combining the two workout programs. What about Tony Horton’s One on One. I love these workouts and my personal rotation involves the combination of all 3! Don’t be afraid to mix it up, as Tony Horton says, “Variety is the spice of life”. Just like P90X has 3 phases, for Muscle Confusion, so should your new rotations.

Anyone is free to contact me at any time with questions or with your own P90X Review! Good luck Sandra in your fitness, stay in touch. I may even have some customers wanting to ask you some questions!