chaleanextreme-150x150Hello Robert, I have to tell you that I loved Chalean Extreme. It is the first rotation that I have done complete ever. I usually get burned out or don’t feel like I’m getting results but something about Chalean Extreme made me keep going, I actually couldn’t wait to get up and exercise and I exercise at 4am. I watched my diet real close so I lost weight and I know I lost inches but I don’t measure I just go by my clothes. Now I’m doing light weight and aerobics to change things up and see what happens. I’m adding in kettle bells and Jillian Michaels and the circuit one of Chalean Extreme. I’m sure I’ll go back to Chalean Extreme again, but I hope she will come out with something as good as CE. Thanks for writing and let me know as soon as something new comes up. I have P90X but I loaned it to my sister, she likes it and said I couldn’t have it back, we’ll see about that.  -Brenda


I’m glad you decided to contact me regarding your results from Chalean Extreme. I agree that the program is designed in a way that keeps you interested and challenged throughout the 90 days. At the back of the fitness guide, there is also a “Lean for Life” rotation to continue your training if you have not yet seen that. And also, don’t forget about the Chalean Extreme Deluxe DVD. 3 more workouts that you do not get with the base Chalean Kit. Get Lean Intervals, Fat Burn Challenge and an extra ab routine. The two cardios are challenging to say the least! Please stay in touch, and thanks again for the review.

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