insanity-3Today was the first day of my vacation. But certainly not a vacation from fitness. 🙂 For this morning’s workout, I did Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance for the first time. I did sleep in until 6:30 am though, instead of my usual 5:30 am start time. So after an extra hour of sleep, I popped Insanity into the DVD player, fast forwarded through the “warning” again…. “Extreme workout program, any problems STOP” Or something like that. You then get prompted to login to WOWY to record your workout. Off topic, WOWY is a very cool concept. Check it out here for more information. I would be assigned as your fitness coach, and WOWY is a FREE setup for cash and prizes. Free to play, and giveaways, what’s cooler than that?

So here we go: Insanity Reviews: Cardio Power & Resistance. The workout is about 40 minutes in length. You’re back on the gym floor with Shaun T and the gang. And you get started with the typical Insanity warm up, which is unlike a normal warm up. It’s faster and more intense. But I guess the warm up does its job, as I’m sweating like I just finished a big race at the completion. The warm up is 3 rounds. Each round is about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Each round is exactly the same, but each round has a faster pace, with the last round as fast as you can go. But is it really that fast? lol. I was going as fast as I can go, but I felt like it was much slower. 🙂 The warm up lineup is as follows:

  • Jog.
  • Power Jacks. Like jumping jacks, but you hold each rep in a deep squat.
  • Log Jumps. Jump side to side as if jumping a obstacle in the center.
  • 123 Heisman. Moving 3 steps to the side then pull your knee in tight, then go back the opposite way.
  • Butt Kicks. Run in place, knees down, feet back.
  • High Knees. Run in place, knees high in the front.
  • Vertical Jump. Lower into a narrow squat, jump straight up and reach high, repeat.

You’ll then repeat a second and third round before you get your first water break, which is barely a break at all. 15 seconds, and you’re into the stretch.

The stretch is just under 7 minutes, and contains many of the same moves, if not all of them, from the first two Insanity Workouts, which I have already reviewed.

After the warm up and stretch, you get into the main part of the workout which is about 21 minutes and 30 seconds. A jam packed 21 minutes and 30 seconds. You start by doing 3 rounds which are identical. But as with the warm up, each round is more intense. Each round is about 2 minutes in length. The lineup:

  • Power Jumps. With wide knees, you lower into a squat, then jump straight up. Bring your knees in high in the center, and touch your hands.
  • Belt Kicks. I have always thought of these as Squat Kicks. Squat, then kick, alternate.
  • Hit the Floor. Side to side lunges and touching the floor on each side.
  • V Push Ups. So your heart rate is through the roof, and now you have a strength move, like push ups. You’re in a push up position, but you bring your feet in closer to your arms, forming a “V” with your butt in the air. Lower your head towards the floor and push up. You’re working your shoulders here, instead of your chest, as in a normal push up.

You’ve earned it, you get a water break. 30 quick seconds to get some water,and you’re back out on the floor for round 2. Round 2 is the same as the first, but faster. Round 2 is followed by another 30 second “near and dear” water break, and then round 3. After round 3 and your water break, you do what Tony Horton often refers to as a “bonus move”, which is called “Tricep Dips”. This move works your triceps and core at the same time. You’ve seen this before, if you have done P90X Core Synergistics. Otherwise, we’ll let it be a surprise bonus move for you. 🙂

The Tricep Dips lasts 30 seconds, then you get another 30 second water break.

So now you have 3 more rounds, and there are 12 more minutes on the clock. You now have the advantage over me. I didn’t know there were 3 more rounds, I was hoping for less. So when that 3rd round came up, it was a mental mind check for me! I was tired!

Round 1, 2, and 3 are all 2 minute in length, and consist of the following:

  • Hurdle Jumps. Sprint in place, and then jump to side. Sprint, jump, keep going….
  • Globe Jumps. You have a wide stance, and you jump left, front, right, and center, and keep going until time is up.
  • Moving Push Ups. You do a push up, slide to the left, push up, move to the left. Then you go back to the right in the same fashion.
  • Floor Sprints.

After each round you get a 30 second water break. Like I said when I got to the second round and seen that there was 9 minutes left, I thought (hoped) we were on the last round. I summoned all my strength to finish strong. Imagine my “pleasant” surprise, when he said take a 30 second break, “1 more round!” I admit, I did a mental mind check, did my best to make Tony Horton proud, and “Got my mind right”. Finished the last round. But Shaun T wasn’t finished yet…..

We got a 15 second water break, and then he had one more move, not round, not 3 more sets, just ONE MORE move. Proudly, I never stopped in the last move.

The last move was 8 hop squats, 8 wide push ups, and repeat for about a minute.

Now… we’re done. 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the cool down and stretch. Yea RIGHT. I did the cool down and stretch, but I was far from cooled down. After a few more minutes I was able to shuffle into the house and get my Recovery Drink. Which I felt was earned!

Insanity. I must be Insane. But I like it, I think. 🙂 I took breaks, you will likely take breaks too. The crew takes breaks. Just continue to improve, work hard, and get stronger, faster, and increase your Insanity endurance and cardio as you go. It’s not impossible. Shaun T encourages the crew to take breaks as needed. Do your best!

Thanks for reading another Insanity Review. Remember, I’m always available for questions, support, motivation, etc. Until next time…

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