With this Insanity Review, I’m finishing up my second complete week with the Insanity Workout. I think this program is working both my physical conditioning and my mental perseverance. Maybe I should put mental perseverance first before physical conditioning. Without having your mind right, you can’t accomplish the physical conditioning that we all so badly want to have. As Shaun T says throughout his workouts, he’s pushing us. He’s not trying to hurt us, but push us past our current level of conditioning, and beyond into something more, something better. It’s during these Insane workouts, that we really get to dig deep and find out what we are really made of. Now, that doesn’t mean we have failed because we can’t finish the workout, or that we have to take extra breaks. It’s because we don’t quit, we get right back in the workout as quickly as possible, and we strive, we push, to get better. Alright, alright, I’ll get into the review. 🙂

Insanity Reviews: Cardio Abs

Insanity Cardio Abs is just under 17 minutes in length, and begins with a warm up. Now if you go straight from Pure Cardio into Cardio Abs, like the schedule shows, you are already warmed up! But if not, you get a nice little warm up. The warm up is approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Starting with a Jog, then High Knees, High Knees w/ a Twist, Jump Rope, and finally Tuck Jumps (jumping straight up, tucking the knees into the body).

At this point, you take a short water break of about 30 seconds. With about 13 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, you move quickly from the water break into Wide Tuck Jumps. Same as before, but your knees are out wide.

At the completion of this move, you go to your mat in what Shaun T calls a C-Sit position. (Shown below).

From this position, you work several different moves. Starting with Twists (taking your hands from side to side). You then add a knee, where you bring one knee in with each twist. Next is the A Frame Ab Twists. You raise your hands up over your head, forming an A. Then you move your hands up and over to each side. Then again you add the knees, bringing your knee in, one to each side. Finally, the last move in the C-Sit position, you simply hold steady in the center. (as shown above). This whole segment last about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

You take a 30 second break, and then get right back into the C-Sit position. From this position you will do single leg raises. Pulling your knee straight in, and back out, then raising straight up. You’ll repeat this for the other side. You complete a total of 30 seconds for each leg. Now you get another 30 second break. Then you’ll repeat the same move as before, but this time using both legs.  This move lasts for one minute. After this move, you are done with the C-Sit position, and move to plank position.

For the next approximate 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you’ll be in a high plank position. You’ll keep your body straight, and alternate legs, moving your knee to your arms on each side, working your obliques. About half way through, you’ll pick up your pace and start to go faster to finish out the set. You get a chance to take a quick break, and then you go into the low plank position. Instead of being on your hands, you’ll be on your elbows. Again, you’ll move your knees up to your arms, alternating each leg, working the obliques. Then you get another water break.  I wasn’t taking in water, I was completely content to just sit on the mat.  🙂

For the last exercise, you’ll alternate between low and high plank. At each plank position, you’ll do 8 hip tucks. So you’ll start in low plank, do 8 hip tucks, then raise up to high plank, for 8 more hip tucks. This will continue for 1 minute. Now you’ll spend the last two minutes doing a stretch, and cool down.  The hip tuck from the plank position essentially means that you are contracting your abs as you pull your hips downward.  It’ll make more sense when you see it live.

I really enjoyed this ab workout. There are no traditional sit ups or crunches, but don’t think you won’t work your abs. I really enjoy variety in my ab workouts, and this is a nice workout. 17 minutes total. I think you will enjoy it too! Thanks again for reading my Insanity Reviews. As always, feel free to provide comments, or your own thoughts, and feel free to email as always.

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