insanity-fit-test-smThe Insanity Workout comes with a Fit Test DVD. There are two  reasons for the Fit Test.  The first of which is to give you an idea of your current fitness level, and if Insanity is (currently) for you. I say “currently” because anybody, EVERYONE, can do Insanity. With commitment, dedication, will power, and determination. But that’s not all. You have to be in good shape. So Insanity may not be for you, right now. If you do the Fit Test DVD, and are intimidated by the 25 minute Fit Test, you may want to post pone Insanity. Start with another program, Beachbody offers a wide range of programs for all levels of fitness. You can find my program comparison article right here. But please, don’t be discouraged, Insanity is Extreme. You’ll get there in due time. Make fitness a lifetime commitment. Start with another program, and then do Insanity. The ones of you that are ready for Insanity, we’re in for a journey together.

The second reason for the Fit Test is designed so that you can track your progress over the next 60 days. You can see the amazing results as you progress.

The Fit Test is just over 25 minutes in length. During the Fit Test you will do a warm up, stretch, 8 Fit Test exercise, then a cool down and stretch. During the Fit Test exercises, you want to do as many repetitions as you can in the amount of time provided, with good form.

The Warm Up is about 1 minute 50 seconds. You start with a Jog, followed by Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 123 Heisman, Butt Kicks, High Knees, and Mummy Kicks.

The Warm Up will give you the first taste of your fitness level. The Warm Up in the regular Insanity Workouts is generally 3 rounds of about 3 minutes each. In the Fit Test, you do one round of almost 2 minutes. Fairly significant difference. Again, if you are intimidated during this Fit Test, think about another workout. 🙂 My job is to encourage you, and be honest with you. You can always count on an honest review with me, and all my workout reviews.

The Warm up is followed by a quick stretch, which lasts about 1 minute 20 seconds. After the stretch, you get into the real reason for this DVD. The Fit Test. Let me set up the stage here. Two people are taking the Fit Test in this DVD. Tonya and Chris. Both of these two have completed the 60 day Insanity program. So after each exercise, Shaun T asks each, how many reps they had. Then he asks them for their starting reps, prior to Insanity. I though this was absolutely fantastic. It allowed me to compare my results with their beginning reps and their 60 day reps. So with that information, under each exercise, I’m going to post 3 results. The results from Tonya and Chris, and then mine. Each time I do the Fit Test, I’m going to come back, and post my new results. After each exercise, you get a 1 minute break. Here we go!

1. Switch Kicks. Do as many as you can in 1 minute.
The Fit Test guide states count every set of kicks, left AND right, count as 1.  However, the video shows each kick as one.  The numbers below are based on 1 kick equals 1 rep.

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

2. Power Jacks. You can stop at any time. Take a break, and start again. But the time is the same, 1 minute for each exercise.

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

3. Power Knees

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

4. Power Jumps

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

5. Globe Jumps

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

6. Suicide Jumps

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

7. Push-Up Jacks

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

8. Last Exercise, Low Plank Oblique

First Fit TestSecond TestThird TestFinal Test

Congrats!! You finished the Insanity Fit Test. You take about a 4 minute cool down and stretch, and you’re done. Now this is called a Fit Test, but I feel like I just finished a workout!

I’m pleased about my results. I felt like I kept a good pace with Tonya and Chris. On the other hand, I feel like I set my bar pretty high for the next test. But it’s all about pushing yourself, that’s all I know how to do, so the next one will just have to improve. So no matter what your results are, higher or lower, than ours, regardless. Continue to push yourself and work hard. We’re in this together, no matter what program you’re on. Email me or contact me anytime, Comment below, share this with your friends by using the Share Link. Let’s spread the word about health and fitness, and make ourselves accountable to others, we’re in this together. Until the next Insanity Review. Thanks for reading!

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