Everyone knows that they should exercise, but why exactly is this the case? Why should we exercise and why is it so important for us? Most people just think that exercise is primarily for people who want to lose weight, but this is not just the case as there are many other benefits to be had. Here the focus will be on two types of exercise – weight lifting and cardio workouts and the benefits that can be achieved from each one.

Benefits of lifting weights – lifting weights relies on the person exercising lifting a set of weights in various ways. As there are different combinations of lifts every muscles group in the body can be exercised to maximum effect. The main benefit of lifting weights is that it creates strong muscles and joints. These are essential for anyone and to benefit from lifting weights you do not have to go for massive weights and strain yourself, you can simply opt for a reasonably weighted weight and do plenty of reps. In addition to creating strong and more flexible joints and muscles, weight lifting is also beneficial in other areas which include: losing weight, strengthening the bones, strengthening the back and increasing energy levels.

Benefits of cardio workouts – cardio workouts make the heart rate go up during exercise and they work different sets of muscles depending on what type of cardio exercise is being performed. This type of exercise has a lot of benefits, which is why cardio workouts are one of preferred forms of exercise for many people. Cardio workouts firstly raise the heart rate which helps to create a strong and healthy heart that can cope with exercise. It also increases lung capacity, which is ideal for anyone who exercises as it enables them to regulate their breathing. Weight loss is also maximized through cardio workouts and stress is reduced as exercise is known to be a natural mood booster. This form of exercise also increases energy and is perfect for anyone who has disturbed sleep patterns.

So as shown there are a multitude of reasons why we should all exercise. It creates a healthy heart, strong bones, helps you to lose weight, reduces stress, increases energy, boosts the moods and even helps you to sleep better. Exercise can come in all shapes and forms and there are few people that will not benefit from some form of exercise no matter how sedate.