Omega 3 is a type of long chain fatty acid that is found primarily in oily fish such as – salmon, sardines and mackerel. It is a naturally occurring substance that can also be found in lesser amounts in foods such as nuts, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli and flaxseeds. However, to get the amount of these acids that the body needs a person would have to consume vast amounts of these foods, which is virtually impossible.

The body needs Omega 3 in order to maintain good health in many different areas which are:

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    The heart – Omega 3 in the diet can help to reduce the likelihood of heart disease. It can also be beneficial for lowering blood pressure, increasing the function of the heart, improving the viscosity of the blood and it can even improve cardiovascular health.
  • The immune system – having a healthy immune system aids a person in the fight against illnesses. Those people who consume the right amount of Omega 3 through fish supplements or Omega 3 supplements find that they are generally better at fighting off colds and other contagious diseases.
  • The brain and nervous system – everyone knows the importance of a healthy brain and nervous system. Fish supplements can assist anyone who wants to stay alert and maintain the health of their nervous system to do so without having to eat oily fish.
  • The eyes – failing eyesight can be devastating for anyone. Omega 3 can boost the function of the eyes and keep them in great condition, even as a person gets older.

Omega 3 provides not only support to these areas of the body it can also behave like an anti inflammatory, which means that it can be of benefit to anyone who regularly exercises or who follows a workout routine. So as you can see, Omega 3 should be in everyone’s diet each week to ensure that the health of the heart, blood, brain, nervous system, the eyes and the immune system is maintained.

Unfortunately there are few people who actually eat enough of the fishes that contain essential fatty acids and as a result taking an Omega 3 supplement is a good idea. Fish supplements that contain Omega 3 are an excellent way of getting enough fatty acids into the diet on a daily basis and they are ideal for people who don’t enjoy eating fish. Add to this the fact that they can be easily taken with water and do not have any unpleasant side effects and it is clear to see why they are the choice of so many people.