Protein is a type of organic compound which is made up of complex strings of amino acids, strung together to form spring like chains. Protein is in practically every cell of the human body and is responsible for much of the activity which goes on within these cells. In fact without protein the human body would simply shut down as it would not be able to replenish itself or grow as it should. In other words protein is an absolutely essential part of a person’s physical make up and without it human life could not continue.

Protein not only renews cells within the body it also helps to boost the immune system, create enzymes which are vital for digestion and ensure that a person is fit and healthy. In other words everyone needs protein and a lack of protein can cause serious health problems for a person.

Unfortunately, the body will not simply make its own supply of protein. It needs to consume it in order to use it. Thankfully protein is found in a large number of foods which include: meat, turkey, chicken, fish and lamb, peanuts, legumes and peas. There is typically more protein in meat, poultry and fish as they contain around 15 -40% protein. Obviously, none meat products have less protein but still contain it in lesser quantities.

People who do not eat meat may find that they cannot get the amount of protein that their body needs simply by eating nuts and legumes. These people in particular can benefit from taking a protein supplement or a shake. This will give them the amount of protein that they need to remain healthy and gives them a much needed boost if they workout. In fact anyone who works out regularly or lifts weights could benefit from using protein supplements as an aid to their training.

On average, health care professionals estimate that a normal person will need approximately 50 grams of protein in their diet each day. This translates to around 15% of their daily calorie intake, purely from protein. However, those people who workout regularly and incorporate weight lifting into their plans should aim for more. The amount that should be consumed does depend on the level of weight lifting and results that the individual hopes to achieve. As you can see protein plays a huge role within the body and everyone needs protein on a daily basis.