insanity-max-interval-plyo-smIf you have been keeping up with my Insanity Reviews, you may have noticed that my last review was for the Max Interval Circuit on the 9th of September. The Max Interval Circuit review was my first Max workout. Since then 9 days have past. Why so long between Insanity Reviews you may ask? Well…. my first week of the Max workouts, I’ve been sore. Real SORE. lol. This week, is much better. I pushed through the first week of the Max workouts. Even though I was tired and sore, I knew that I could push through, and I did. It’s actually quite amazing. Let me tell you why. πŸ™‚

First a recap. You start Insanity, and work out for 4 weeks. Now these 4 weeks are not easy by any means. Still some very challenging cardio. At least that’s what I thought during those 4 weeks. Then you take a recovery week, where you are not doing hard cardio, but still working out fairly hard. Then the Max workouts start and continue for 4 more weeks. Now the first 4 weeks of Insanity seemed, not easy, but definitely EASIER than the Max workouts. The Max workouts are crazy hard. You’ll be challenged mentally and physically. My first week of Max workouts… I was sore, walking sore, moving sore, trying to sit down sore. πŸ™‚ (If you have done some Max workouts, you know what I mean). So that brings me back to the amazing part. Once I got past the first week of the Max workouts, the soreness has not left, but its that good sore feeling. Like you just accomplished something great feeling. The workouts are still crazy hard though.

As a Beachbody fitness coach, I have been asked quite a bit lately whether or not a person could start with Insanity. At first I thought, MAYBE. With the right mindset, and will power, a person could push through Insanity, and make it work. I felt like a person may have to take more breaks, but felt like it was possible. Now after doing the Max workouts, I have decided that NO, a person should not start with Insanity. Insanity is being promoted as an extreme workout, and it’s extreme, and should be left for those that have completed at very least a beginner-to intermediate program, an advanced program is probably best. This is only my opinion however.

Insanity Review: Max Interval Plyo

The entire workout is 55 minutes.Β  Since I went a little longer than normal above, I’m going to be fairly brief on the workout overview.

The warm up lasts approximately 10 minutes.Β  The warm up consists of 3 rounds.Β  The first two rounds are about 4 minutes each, and the last round isΒ approximately 2 minutes.Β  The last round has the same exercises as the first two, you just perform a faster/shorter duration.Β  The last round is as fast as you can go.Β  The exercises are:

  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks – Arms Up
  • 123 Heisman
  • Jump Rope S-S
  • High Knees – Arms Out
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • S-S Floor Hops

At the end of the warm up you get a 30 second water break.Β  The water break is followed by a good stretch, which lasts just under 5 minutes.Β  This is followed by another 30 second water break, and then the interval workout starts.

The main part of the workout is approximately 39 minutes in length.

The first set of exercises consists of 3 rounds. Each round has 4 different exercises. Each exercise lasts about 45 seconds. Between each round you get a 30 second water break.

  • Switch Jumps
  • Squat Push Ups
  • Wide In – Out Abs
  • Power Jumps

You’ll repeat this sequence 3 times. At the end of the 3rd round is a challenge move. One-Legged V Push Ups. Approximately 1 minute. Take a 30 second water break.

A quick note on water breaks. As a general rule, I consume my P90X Recovery drink after my workout. But I have since started mixing 1/2 a serving of the P90X Recovery Formula with about 16 ounces of water, for my water breaks, during the workout. Then I take the last half at the end as a recovery drink. I think this helps me stay hydrated during the hour long workouts.

The second set of exercises is completed in the same manner as the first set, however, the exercises are different. They are:

  • Pogo
  • Power Push Ups
  • Globe Twists
  • Level 3 Drills

Again, this is repeated 3 times, a break between each, and after the third set, you have a challenge move called Power Lunges/Hop Squats. Then another break.

If you made it this far, you can make it all the way! Only 12 more minutes to go, and you have 4 more exercises. Go go go. πŸ™‚ Grab that last bit of strength, get your last bit of energy. Do these 4 and you’re done!

  • Side Push Ups
  • Kickstand Touch the Floor
  • 8 Power Knees/4 Diamond Jumps
  • Balance Push Ups

Congrats, take a 4 minute cool down and stretch, pat your self on the back for accomplishing something spectacular. Not just anybody can get through these Max workouts, you are among the few. At least in my opinion.

If you are reading this review, I WANT to hear from YOU. Email me at [email protected]. Tell me your thoughts, your reviews, how you feel. Click that email link, and tell me you’re doing Insanity. Or tell me your thinking of Insanity, or just bought Insanity. Remember I said a few can do Insanity, so if you are one of the few, email me! Talk to you soon!! πŸ™‚

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