insanity-core-cardio-balance-smCongratulations are in order! If you are reading this Insanity Review, then you have made it to the halfway point of this program. If you are still “on the fence” about Insanity. Go get it! Core Cardio & Balance is the Recovery Week workout, and will be completed a total of six times if you follow the schedule. But don’t be misled, just because its a Recovery Week program, does not mean it’s easy. The purpose of this recovery week is to give your muscles a chance to recover, but you’re still working out. Now this DVD is not as difficult or challenging as the previous workouts, but it still causing you to break a sweat, and burn some calories! I will admit, it’s a refreshing change to lower down a gear. But I’m afraid it’s short lived, next week, the Max workouts are on the lineup, and I have a feeling we will all be wishing for Recovery Week again!! But we made it this far, we’ll make it all the way! Here we go…

Insanity Review: Core Cardio & Balance

This workout is a total of 37 minutes in length. You start out with your warm up, which takes around 7 minutes or so. Even the warm up is scaled down a notch. You have a total of 6 exercises, about 1 minute each. Then you move on to the stretch. The 6 warm up exercises are:

  • Switch Heel Kicks (Kind of like a slow/medium jump rope motion).
  • Mummy Kicks
  • Football Shuffles (Side to side).
  • Over the Log (Run in Place, then jump “over the log” Run in Place, repeat).
  • 8 High Knees/8 Power Jacks
  • 8 Fast Feet/8 Hooks

Following the warm up is the stretch. The stretch is just a good solid stretch, not as intense as the stretches in the first few DVDs, but a a good stretch nonetheless. The stretch lasts about 5 minutes, which is followed by a 30 second water break. When you return from the water break, you notice that you have about 25 minutes left on the clock.

Now we get into the main workout. I actually like this workout quite a bit. It’s not so INSANE that you couldn’t work it in to any other program. It could be on a slower day, or on a doubles day for extra cardio, etc. It definitely has merit. Of course all the videos will become a part of my fitness arsenal once I’m finished with the 60 days. I can easily see these DVDs as cardio substitutes to other programs like P90X, Chalean Extreme, or Tony Horton’s new One on One.

These next 10 moves are all about 1 minute in length. Shaun T always gives a brief description about each move, so you get about a 10-15 second break in between each. I want you to get an idea of the workout, this is not necessarily to get you through the workout. 🙂

  • Moving Ski Hops (Jumping 4 hops to the left, and then 4 back to the right, repeat).
  • Hit the Floor (Pick up speed about halfway through).
  • Level 1 Drills (4 push ups, 8 run in place, repeat).
  • Heisman (Pick up speed about halfway through).
  • 8 Switch Kicks/8 Hop Squats
  • High Jumps (Standing stationary, jumping as high as you can each jump).
  • Moving Plank Walk (in a push up stance, walking to the left, maintaining plank, then back again, repeat).
  • 8 Elbows/4 Suicide Drills
  • 4 & 4 Hops (on one leg, one knee up, hop 4 times, jump over, and repeat on the other leg).
  • 8 Jabs/Jumps & Turn/8 Jabs

This next exercise is going to burn a little. It’s called Hip Flexor Burners. It’s a 3 part exercise. The first move has you raising your knee, parallel with your waist, then back down to the ground. Repeating for 30 seconds. The next move has you doing the same thing, but it’s called “pulses” and your foot never touches the ground. And then the last move is a kick added to the end. Each section is 30 seconds. Once you complete one leg, you switch to the other. Feel the burn. 🙂 I like to place one hand on my abs, to feel the contraction. Squeeze the abs as you do the exercise and get some ab work in too!

Now you get a 30 second water break. Almost done….

Oblique Knee Lifts. Arm Up, raise your knee (out and to the side) and bring your elbow down at the same time. 30 seconds each side.

Shoulder Burners in Plie. Deep squat, with your knees wide, toes pointing outward. Arms are straight out. Move your arms in an up and down motion for 30 seconds. (Picture flapping your arms like a bird, but your arms are straight out.)  Next, your straight arms go from the sides to the front, back to the sides.  This is followed by your arms going straight up over head.  Almost done, and don’t forget to stay in your deep squat.  Now you begin backwards circles, and then forwards.  DONE.  About 3 minutes total.

Welcome to the cool down and stretch which lasts about 2 minutes.

I have now finished my recovery week.  My 3rd Fit Test has been completed (results are posted on my Fit Test Review), and tomorrow, I start the 2nd half of the program.  I have a feeling I’ll be crazy sore next week!

Thanks for reading another one of my Insanity Reviews.  I hope you will come back again, for some updates, or feel free to subscribe to the blog.  I look forward to your emails, and as always, feel free to contact me or comment below.  See ya next time.

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