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insanity-max-interval-circuit-smInsanity is a 60 day program, the first 4 weeks are Insane.  Then you have a 6 day recovery week.  Then you have another 4 weeks.  If the other Max workouts are as challenging as this one, then the last 4 weeks will be CRAZY Insane.  At the end of 59 minutes, my heart rate monitor showed a total of 921 calories burned.  In the last several years, I have never seen that high of a number after a Beachbody workout.  When Beachbody says that this is the hardest DVD fitness program to date.  They were serious.  At the beginning of this workout, Shaun T says “I’m gonna kick your butt!”  He was serious too.  🙂

Insanity Review: Max Interval Circuit

The entire workout is 59 minutes.  Here is a brief lay out of the workout.

Beginning with the warm up, which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  The warm up consists of 3 rounds.  The first two rounds are 4 minutes each, and the last round is  2 minutes.  The last round has the same exercises as the first two, you just perform a faster/shorter duration.  The last round is as fast as you can go.  The exercises are:

  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks – Arms Up
  • 123 Heisman
  • Jump Rope S-S
  • High Knees – Arms Out
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • S-S Floor Hops

At the end of the warm up you get a 30 second water break.  The water break is followed by a good stretch, which lasts approximately 5 minutes.  This is followed by another 30 second water break, and then you cross over into the point of no return!

At this point in the workout, 43 minutes and 30 seconds is the clock.  Now let me throw in a quick mental check for you.  When you first turn on DVD, you see that 59 minutes, and you think, “Oh no! Are you kidding me?”  But shake that off.  Get through the warm up and stretch, and then tell yourself, you have 43 minutes left.  You’ve been doing Insanity for 6 weeks, and your workouts have been 40+ minutes.  You can do this! Yes, its going to be harder, yes it’s longer.  But you managed to get through the first workouts.  So I know we will get through this too.  Now as I type this, my legs are SCREAMING at me.  But I’m committed, no backing out now.  We got this.  Stay with me!  Together we can tackle this challenge!

Here we go.  Your first set of exercises consists of 3 rounds.  Each round has the same 4 moves.  The first round is 4 minutes.  The second round is 3 minutes.  And the 3rd round is 3 minutes, but at the end of the 3rd round only, you get a 1 minute bonus move.  So it’s more like 4-3-4.  The exercises are:

  • Pedal/Power Lunges (Sprint in place, followed by deep lunges).
  • Ski Abs /Jacks/In & Out/Oblique ( Start in plank position, jump side to side for ski abs, then push ups, jump in and out in plank position, and finally alternating your knees to your elbows for obliques. 4 reps each position).
  • Power Strike (Lunge on the left side, 2 punches downward, lunge right side, 2 punches downward, etc).
  • Frog Jumps

Between each round you get a 30-40 second water break.  After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of Football Runs/ Cross Jacks.

The second set of exercises also consists of 3 rounds.  Like the first set of exercises, each round consists of 4 moves.  The first round is 4 minutes, the second two are 3 minutes each.  After the 3rd round there is a 1 minute bonus move.  After the 3rd round only.  The exercises are:

  • Hook Jumps. (4 hook punches high, 4 hook punches low, 4 high jumps.  Then you switch sides).
  • High Knees with Twist. (As you run with High Knees, you bring your elbows down on each side).
  • High-Low Jab with Squat.  (Jumping high and punching to the side, punch low as you lan in a squat).
  • Floor Switch Kicks. (You just have to see this one). 🙂

Between each round you get a 30-40 second water break.  After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of 1-2-3 Jab Across (Side jumps with a punch to each side).

The final set of exercises.  (YEAH!)  3 rounds, same 4 moves.  This time there is NOT a bonus move.  The first round is approximately 4 minutes, followed by two 3 minute rounds.

  • Side Suicide Jumps. (From standing position, place your hands on the floor, jump to the left side.  Stand up, repeat on the right).
  • Squat Hooks. (Squat and hook punch, alternating hands).
  • Full Body Drill. (From standing position, drop to the plank position, run in place 8 times, walking push ups, then 8 wide knee, running in place).
  • Plank Punches.  (In a plank position, alternating hands, punch straight out).

At this concludes the workout!  You take a 30 second water break, and about a 3 minute cool down.  When the timer hits zero, you know without a DOUBT that you have accomplished something!  Specifically, you accomplished burning calories!  You accomplished burning some of that goo, we all are working so hard at removing, or keeping to a minimum.  And best of all, you have taken another step closer to finishing this program, and building your cardiovascular system.  Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, and into a place not many of your friends and family have ventured.  You are doing what many could NOT do.  Be proud of yourself! See ya next time!!  Thanks for reading this Insanity Review, and be sure to check out all of the Insanity Reviews here.

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