There is one thing I always need more of… worksheets. And because I know I’m not the only one, I wanted to provide our customers with an easy place to get the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets. If you want the best results, if you want to maximize your results, not just in the Insanity Workout, but any fitness program, you MUST track your progress. You simply cannot get to where you want to be, unless you know where you’ve been, and that’s why you need the worksheets, and extra copies. Not to mention, Insanity has been out long enough now, that I’m starting to get requests for a second set. You only get one set of Insanity worksheets when you purchase the program. People are finishing their 60 days, and are ready for round 2! Download the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets here.Insanity Workout Fit Test Worksheets

Another popular request is the Insanity Workout Calendar. No problem. Download the Insanity Calendar here. Iget the occasional question about how to add int he deluxe workouts. Pay particular attention to the statement at the bottom of this Insanity calendar download. It gives you a couple of ideas on how to use the deluxe DVDs. The last item of interest, and then you can get back to your workouts…. the Insanity Food Journal – download.

That should take care of you on the downloads. I want to wish you luck with Insanity. I loved the program, and I think you will too! When you finish Insanity, tell me what you think! If you need any help along the way, contact me and find out how you can get free coach support.

Insanity Workout – $119.85
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