I’m excited to write this Insanity Review, because it demonstrates what perseverance, dedication, and will power can accomplish.  Over the past several months, I have been in email correspondence with Gloria.  Gloria is a mother of 4 that not only tackled Insanity once, but TWICE.  I’m very proud of all our customers when they reach their fitness goals!  I hope that if you have reached a fitness goal, you will send me a testimonial as well.  Great job Gloria!

From Gloria: Well where do i start…Im 27 years old and I have 4 kids and let me tell you before I had kids I never worked out actually it never crossed my mind. I started caring about the way i looked after my last child was born…I was at my heaviest 155lbs!!! I was depressed and didnt know what to do…I tried going to the gym but that didnt seem to get where i wanted and I tried running but I still wasnt getting the results I thought I should see! I lost weight and thought ok maybe this is just the way its going to be….

Then a friend introduced me to INSANITY!!! and that’s what changed my way of thinking about fitness…Let me just tell you that when I first started INSANITY I was like omg! My first few weeks were my hardest! but i kept on pushing myself..i don’t know what it is but there’s something about INSANITY that MOTIVATES you and makes you PUSH yourself harder each time you workout! So as of now, I’m almost done with my second round! and I’m ready for my 3rd round! I’ve never felt so fit, so healthy, so challenged! I look at myself and just know that I can overcome anything! Right now I weigh 115lbs! WOW! I’m still amazed! When I started INSANITY I weighed 135lbs so I lost 20lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life!!! With INSANITY you cant go wrong! If you stick with it, eat right, stay committed, I know you will get great results! I know i did!!!