Kids ExercisingExercise is vital for everyone to ensure that a person stays healthy and doesn’t become overweight. With the amount of children who are being diagnosed as being obese steadily rising each year it’s no wonder that many parents are concerned with the amount of exercise their children should be doing. Whilst few parents would want to put their children on a workout program it is wise to have an idea of the types of exercise children should be doing.

So if you are thinking about kids and exercise and wondering what is best here are a few ideas.

Firstly, you should aim to provide your child with around 1 hour of physical activity each day. Children have limitless energy and they love to be physically active. If your kids would rather spend their time in front of the TV or games console it is time to start making changes. Think about what kind of exercise your kids enjoy, you don’t have to devise a set workout for them, just get them involved in an activity they want to participate in. Workout routines are only of real importance to kids who are very overweight and need to join in a program to help them to shed the pounds.

To get your kids interested in exercise you need to be a little savvy. Don’t just expect to take them to the sports field and have them eager to join in as this might not happen, especially if they are not used to exercising. You might need to find out what kind of exercise they might be interested in and help them to participate. Remember that there are all sorts of forms of exercise that are not traditional. Roller blading, skate boarding, BMXing and in line skating are all great ways to get kids into exercise and they all burn lots of calories. This makes them ideal for kids who are reluctant to join in team activities.

You should also ensure that you kids are joining in with sports at school as this also provides a generous amount of exercise. Also remember that it pays to lead by example – if your kids see you sitting around at home and not exercising they are not going to be that keen on doing it. Make the effort to exercise and it will improve the health of the whole family and get everyone joining in with exercise and enjoying it.