My P90X Review for Shoulders & Arms is a week overdue. I had originally planned this review to roll out last week. My delay came in the form of a 6 year old little girl, and a 4 year old little boy. My daughter started tee ball last week, and my son started soccer. So now we are running our kids in two different directions. At such a young age, its not much of a “sporting event” but I enjoy watching them get some play time outside and extra exercise. Tonight, my wife is on soccer duty, and this gives me some extra time to get this review finished!

P90X Shoulders and Arms is one of my all time favorite P90X workouts. It just has that “weight lifting” feel, the exercises are basic, and get the job done. When you finish this workout, your arms are likely to feel ” very tired”. As soon as you finish, you might have a different word. 🙂 Let’s jump right into the review.

P90X Reviews: Shoulders and Arms.

This workout is approximately 60 minutes in length (if you complete the bonus round). Otherwise the workout is approximately 50 minutes. Tony Horton runs you through about a 3 minute warm up, followed by a stretch which lasts approximately 7 minutes. The workout consists of 4 rounds, and an optional Bonus Round. So if you complete the bonus round, the main part of the workout is about 45 minutes. Since the bonus round is 10 minutes, if you skip it, your workout is about 35 minutes. Depending on what you decide, if you finish the 4th round and opt to skip the bonus, just fast forward to the 4 minute stretch and cool down. If you complete the bonus round, just let the DVD run all the way through.

A couple things to remember for this workout. Set a goal for your reps. If you goal is to get some size, you want between 8 and 10 reps. If you want to get lean, your rep range is between 12 and 15. Regardless of what your rep range is, you want the last 3 reps to be hard. This is where you will see improvements. For example, if you have a rep range of 8 to 10 reps, and you get to 10 reps, and find you could do a few more reps, DO THEM. Don’t consider it a “mission accomplished” and set the weights down. Do at least 2 more reps. This is where your P90X Worksheets come in. Track your progress, this is so important! Because on your next set, you want to up your weight. If you didn’t reach your goal of 8 to 10, then you want to make a note to lower your weight. Do you see how important tracking your reps/weights is? Of course this applies to both ranges, it doesn’t matter if you are 8-10 or 12-15, the same concept applies.

While completing this workout, you may find that you set a goal for 8 reps, and get to 6 and find that you are going to fall short of your goal. You have a few choices. 1. Set the weight down, and mark it accordingly on your worksheet. Next time, lower your weight so you can reach your goal. 2. You can set the weight down and grab a lighter weight to finish your reps, note it on your worksheets for next time. And 3. You can pause at the bottom of your rep, and rest a second. Then try to finish out one to two more reps. You might even have a “cheat rep”. A cheat rep is where you have a little body movement, and your form isn’t perfect. This is “OK” for a rep or two, but when it starts to get real ugly, you’re done.

Below you will see the exercises for each round. Each round is repeated twice. So you will do Round 1 twice, then proceed to round 2. Etc etc. My review here is not so you can skip the DVD. Tony comments on technique, gives advice, and suggestions throughout the workout. It’s also the best way to stay on track. Like when you go to the gym. You do a set of exercises, then rest, visit with other people in the gym, then do another exercise. You spend more time talking, resting, “people watching”, etc than anything else. The workout takes too long, you have rested too much, and the whole process was not near as effective as it could have been. I always follow the DVD, no matter how many times I do the workout. You might be getting tired of my idle chit chat, so on to the workout.

Round 1.

  1. Alternating Shoulder Presses.
  2. In & Out Bicep Curls.
  3. Two Arm Tricep Kickbacks.

Round 2.

  1. Deep Swimmer’s Presses.
  2. Full Supination Concentration Curls.
  3. Chair Dips.

Round 3.

  1. Upright Rows.
  2. Static Arm Curls.
  3. Flip-Grip Twist Kickbacks.

Round 4.

  1. Two Angle Shoulder Flys.
  2. Crouching Cohen Curls.
  3. Lying Down Tricep Extensions.

Bonus Round

  1. In & Out Straight Arm Flys.
  2. Congdon Curls.
  3. Side Tri-Rises.

I hope you have found some useful information in this review. And I hope you love Shoulders & Arms as much as I do. It really is a great workout! Don’t forget, track your progress! P90X Worksheets and/or the advanced excel P90X worksheets.

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