This will be the first in a series of Power 90 reviews.  As the title hints, Power 90 is only the beginning.   I’d call it a gateway workout program, a stepping stone, if you will.  This workout system opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people who want to get in shape, lose weight, tone up,  or all of the above.  My biggest motivation has been to lose weight, I’ll worry about the tone up later.  🙂   To me, losing weight is relative rather than absolute.  Some people want or need to lose  50 or 100+ pounds, others may only need to lose 10 or 20.  Whatever that weight is, it’s important to the person who wants to lose it.

I started Power 90 at about 15 pounds over what I would consider my “ideal” weight.  I am a 32 year old mother of 2, our daughter is 6 and our son is 4.  With that being said, some people may think “15 pounds is nothing, that’s not a big deal,” but like I said earlier in this review…it’s important to me.  I finally decided, this is it.  “It” is time to shed those pounds, and feel better about myself.  And, you know what?  “It” is happening.  🙂

Like I mentioned earlier, this is going to be a series of Power 90 Reviews.  I’ll cover the diet/nutritional plan, the 6 different workouts that make up the total program, and maybe do a comprehensive review.  I’m currently on Day 65 of the plan.  I’ll rewind and talk about my first 64 days….bring everyone up to speed, and then I’ll bring you along for these last 26 days.  But, to give you an idea of how things are going so far, I’ve lost approximately 10 pounds, and lost approximately 10″ overall.  Not too shabby!  So….to meet my goal, I need to lose 5-6 pounds in the remaining 30 days.  It’s gonna happen!

I truly believe that Power 90 is a great workout program.  I also believe that Tony Horton might just be a genius.  This is a program that is made to be basic, simple, and effective.  You can’t NOT lose weight if you follow the workouts and nutrition plan.  Power 90 has worked for so many people, and it has given them the motivation and encouragement to move on to bigger, more demanding workouts.  Power 90 Master Series, P90X, P90X +, and Tony Horton’s One on One series are patiently waiting for us!!!  Next up in my Power 90 Reviews series will be Sculpt 1-2.  Thanks for tagging along with me!