Okay, kids, here is the next of my Power 90 Reviews.  Today, I am going to cover Sculpt 1-2 which is what I call the “weights” part of the workout program.  Now, that is just my way of referring to it, but you do NOT have to use hand/free weights to do this workout.  The Power 90 system comes with a resistance band, which is the alternative to weights.  I personally use Power Blocks for my workouts, but this is just because my husband has them already.   🙂   Use which ever equipment you are comfortable with, or what your environment allows.  Resistance bands are great if you are traveling. So, let’s move on to the workout itself.

Sculpt 1-2 is approximately 29 minutes in length. This time-frame includes stretching/warm-up in the beginning, and stretching at the end. It’s amazing how much you can put into just under half an hour. Power 90 Sculpt 1-2 starts with approx. 5 minutes and 42 seconds of stretching. Here’s the stretch line-up: neck rolls, shoulder stretches, side stretches, chest stretches, lower back stretch, inner thigh stretches, runner’s stretches, and waist stretch. I feel like the titles of these are pretty self-explanatory, and you don’t need me to bog you down with any unnecessary reading. 🙂

Then, we move on to Round 1. Here’s the line-up:

Push-Ups: 8-15 reps
Heavy Pants: 8-15 reps
Military Press: 8-15 reps
Standard Bicep Curls: 8-15 reps
Back Scratches: 8-15 reps, alternating sides * This one can be modified if you have shoulder issues, Tony calls the modification a Kick-Back *
Lunges: 3 sets of 3
A very small interval of stretching follows completion of this round.

On all of these, start off with a weight/resistance band that isn’t too heavy. If you can’t do 8 reps with what you’ve chosen, you need to go lighter. If you can easily do 14-15 reps, you need to go heavier. Don’t kill yourself starting out, but don’t make it easy.

Round 2 line-up:

Fly Push-Ups: 8-15 reps
Back Flys: 8-15 reps
Swimmer’s Press: 8-15 reps
Open Bicep Curls: 8-15 reps
2 Arm Kick Backs: 8-15 reps
Lunge & Squat x 3: Basically, lunge once, squat 3 times, lunge again. Turn around, repeat. Do this 3 times total.
A very small break of about 20 seconds, and a 45 second stretch.

Round 3 Line-Up:

7-7-7 Push Ups: 7 each of Wide, Close (tricep), and Standard
Lawnmower: 8-15 reps
Shoulder Flys: 8-15 reps
Bicep 21’s: 7 each of Low, High, and Full Bicep Curls
Chair Dips: 8-15 reps
3 Part Squats: 8 reps each of Regular, Wide, Widest Squats
A 50 second stretch finishes out the Round.

That’s it, Power 90 Sculpt 1-2, in a nutshell. All of this in just less than a half hour!!! This is a great workout, and when these workouts are paired with a healthy diet, you’ll get great results! So, next up in my Power 90 Reviews series will be Sweat 1-2. Thanks for tagging along with me!