The Turbo Fire Workout is coming, and I have to admit, I’m super excited!!! I just tuned into a presentation by Chalene Johnson and I thought I’d pass along some of the juicy details I picked up. 🙂

Here are some of the Turbo Fire Workout basics:

This program is focused on Cardio. There is a bit of strength training, but the emphasis is Cardio. Chalene says that you do not have to do any other programs to “get ready” for this. It doesn’t really matter what your current level of physical fitness is, you can do this program. She says that your intensity will increase as your stamina increases. I will write a more in-depth preview in the coming days to cover more of what I would call the “details” of Turbo Fire. There’s a lot of information to share, but I wanted to get the super important basics out to everyone first. 🙂

There are 2 versions that will be available : Turbo Fire Base Kit and a Turbo Fire Deluxe Kit

Turbo Fire Base Kit is a 12 week program that contains:

12 “classes” on 10 DVDs (workouts are called “classes”)
Get Fired Up Instructional DVD
Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide
Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide (which they say is comparable to the P90X Nutrition Guide in terms of quality,content)
Class Schedule
5-Day Inferno Plan (lose up to 10 inches and/or 10 pounds in 5 days!)
Lower Body Band
Measuring Tape

Turbo Fire Deluxe Kit is an additional 8 week program that contains:

5 “classes” on 4 DVDs
Pink Resistance Band with Handles
Turbo Tracker Journal
30 Day supply of P90X Results and Recovery Formula

The Deluxe Kit does not contain any of the items that are found in the Base Kit. They are two separate/different options. The Deluxe Kit is basically an add-on package, for lack of a better word.

The tentative release date for Turbo Fire is June 18th!!! The tentative price is set at $119.85. The price is the same for either version you want to purchase….or both versions, if you want. 🙂

I have a lot more to tell you about Turbo Fire….check back in the next few days for more! 🙂  Sign up for our Email Notification below too, and be sure not to miss anything!