Turbo Fire Reviews: Calendar and Fitness Guide

Welcome back once again for another Turbo Fire Review. We certainly appreciate all of you for reading, and hope that the time you spend here is valuable. Before we get to far along, I have a confession. I’ve already done a few Turbo Fire Workouts, and WOW. I like them a lot! But don’t worry, I’m going to review each and every DVD, so make sure to subscribe to our email updates, and get an email copy each time they go live on the site. Having said that, let’s take a look at the Turbo Fire Calendar and the Turbo Fire Fitness Guide. If you are looking for the Turbo Fire Calendar download, scroll down. 🙂

Let’s Start with the Turbo Fire Fitness Guide

The fitness guide starts with a welcom letter from Chalene Johnson, where she refers to Turbo Fire as an intense conditioning program that was developed in conjunction with here passion for killer workout music and her love for dance. Chalene goes on to say that she has a obsession for mixing music, and has put together some great tracks to motivate you in on your tough days. From the workouts I have done so far, I have personally noticed that the beat often is in harmony with the moves you are performing. Pretty cool! Chalene promises to keep you motivated, and if you have used a program from Chalene before, you know that she is great with motivation.

Let’s face it, motivation is huge when trying to lose weight! Big plus, and great job so far. The workouts are all in a class setting, to help give you a group mentality feel, and a sense of camaraderie and ENERGY. From the material I have read, I am impressed with what Chalene Johnson has done so far. The Fitness Guide shows you two variations of which I will explain further below in the Turbo Fire Calendar section. It is with the hope of Chalene and us too, at Extremely-Fit, that as you begin this workout, you will make a commitment to yourself to stay true to the program, push play, follow the workout calendar, and get results. Where there is a will there is a way, and if your committed to doing the Turbo Fire Workout, the coaches here at Extremely-Fit are committed to helping you get the best results. As always, and with everything here at Extremely-Fit, coach support to our customers is free!

The Turbo Fire Workout is designed to be a 12 week program, and if you have the advanced DVDs, you can extend that to a 20 week program. I already purchased the advanced DVDs, I plan on hitting this program full speed, and don’t want any setbacks once I get closer to week 12. I’m also very conditioned, so I will be adding the advanced DVDs from the beginning of my rotation. Early I mentioned doing a few Turbo Fire Workouts, both of them were from the advanced DVD collection. I wanted to sample the tough stuff first (I’m crazy that way). From what I experienced, I think intensity of the workouts won’t be a problem with Turbo Fire. 🙂

The Fitness Guide then goes on to explain what’s included. There are a few Turbo Fire packages out there, this page shows all 4 available options. Almost everyone will want the basic package of Turbo Fire. If you are wanting everything Turbo Fire has to offer, you’ll want to check out the Complete Turbo Fire program. If you have been doing other programs and have resistance bands, and are already supplementing with the Recovery Formula, you might opt for just the base kit, and if you want the advanced workouts too, check out the base kit and get just the advanced DVDs. Now if I left you scratching your head and saying “???” Then go here, and review all 4 items. If you have any questions about what’s best for you. I’m always available for questions, and willing to help any customer at Extremely-Fit.

The Turbo Fire Fitness Guide goes on to explain how HIIT works within the program, of which she also answers in the Get Fired Up DVD. To learn more about HIIT and how those work, read the Turbo Fire Review: Get Fired Up, if you haven’t already.

Turbo Fire Calendar

Now before you jump into the HIIT workouts, Chalene has 3 pre-requisites.

1. Can you do intense cardio for 30 minutes or more for a month?
2. Do you have a healthy heart? And
3. Do you have strong knees and joints?

If you answered any of those with a NO, then you need to to start with the Prep workout calendar, which comes included in the fitness guide. But have NO FEAR, even if you start with the Prep schedule which will gradually build you up to the HIIT intensity levels. The Prep schedule is a 9 week calendar, after which you can then jump into (no pun intended) the HIIT workouts. I found this to be extremely beneficial. This program is so well rounded, that it immediately fits into two very distinct workout levels. How cool.

Now once you aready for the HIIT workouts, you get a complete 12 week Turbo Fire Workout Calendar. And remember, if you have the advanced DVDs, you get a 20 week calendar. The calendar is not attached to the fitness guide, which makes it super easy to post in the gym, your workout room, or wherever is convenient. For your convenience, here is a link to get a Turbo Fire Class Schedule. If you’re like me, you like to keep the originals in good condition (without sweat all over them), or you may accidentally lose your original.

Turbo Fire Workout Calendar Download, Class Schedule

Calendar download, black and white (1 mb).

Calendar download, color (2.2 mb).

Turbo Fire Equipment Needed, the Tools Required

So what equipment do you need?

Well, you will definitely want a comfortable pair of shoes, a good cross trainer should would work great. You’ll be doing some jumping and want something to help absorb some of the impact from your knees and joints.

Keep a water bottle handy, you’re gonna sweat! Probably sweat a lot. So you’ll want to replenish fluids throughout the workouts. As a general rule, you want at least 64 ounces of water during the day too.

I figured out a long time ago, that the Results and Recovery Formula was a nice touch to helping me recovery from those workouts where I left it all on the gym floor. If you workout hard, your body needs to recover, and this helps!

Comfortable clothes and a towel are some other handy things to workout. A towel for obvious reasons, and your workout clothes will be soaked, so if you have any synthetic clothing that allows your skin to breath, all the better.

The Turbo Fire base kit and the complete kit come with a lower body band. When the time comes, this little band really turns up the fire on your lower body. remember, the more you stoke up the fire, the more calories you burn, a good thing!

Resistance Bands also comes included in the complete kit, and the advanced DVDs Deluxe. But it doesn’t come with the base kit. I am a firm believer in having everything I need, so if you don’t have bands, we have them all, we sell them in kits of 3 and also individually. Here’s a link to all the resistance bands we have. If your version of Turbo Fire doesn’t have at least one band, check here to get what you need. The standard kit is ideal for women, and the super kit is great for men.

If you don’t have a mat or comfortable floor, you may also take a look at a yoga mat for the stretching routines and sculpting classes. Not required, but if comfort is important, check it out. We have a heavy duty plyo mat that might also double for more support on the impact exercises, but if you want to check out a local store for a regular mat, they will work too!

Red Alert!

Turbo Fire Red Alert
It’s very important when doing Turbo Fire that you use CAUTION. Actually you should be doing this with any workout program. Know what your physical limits are. Slow down when necessary. Make sure you begin your workouts warmed up. Each workout has a short warmup, but if you require more, then do more! So on the side of caution, The Turbo Fire Fitness Guide recommends the following:

1. Warmup. When you feel flexible and have a light sweat, you’re ready! Take your time, only you know when you are properly warmed up.

2. Stay in Control. When you start to shake, slow down. Maintain form for injury free workouts.

3. Maintain Proper Form. The Turbo Fire Workouts have a NEW to CLASS option. Learn the proper form and maintain proper form through out the workouts.

4. Listen to Your Body. Be proactive, if something feels wrong, it probably is. Make sure you are okay to continue.

5. Cool down. After class take a few minutes to let your heart rate drop, while you stretch with the Stretch 10 Class. THis will help you stay injury free and speed up your recovery time from workouts. Never skip the stretch!

6. Heart Rate Monitor. I’m a firm believer in heart rate monitors. I like to know how much I’m burning, and I work in my heart rate zones for maximum results. This is optional, but my personal preference.

Last but not least, Make Goals and Keep It Real!

Make your goals realistic, especially when it comes to weight loss. Start with increments of 5 lbs. Over time, those 5 lb increments add up, and the smaller goals are easier to reach, and you feel great!

Next, never miss a class. Commit to a healthy lifestyle, never miss a workout, schedule them like you would anything else. You deserve a happy healthier you!

Our next Turbo Fire Review will be the nutrition guide, but a big part of your success, will be eating healthy food choices. In that guide, you will learn about healthy food choices, healthy substitutes, and how to determine your calorie deficit, which will help you lose weight. I highly recommend tracking your calories as well.

So that’s it! Another Turbo Fire Review is in the books, and although when I started this review, I wasn’t planning on one quite so long, I wanted to make sure I gave you a thorough review. I hope you found it to be helpful! If you haven’t purchased Turbo Fire yet, we’d appreciate your business, of course. And if you have already purchased the program, we hope that you will continue to follow along with our reviews as you go. Remember to stay in touch with us, email me with questions, and we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions, and even better… your success. Don’t forget to subscribe, and please forward this review (Share button below). See you in the next Turbo Fire Review!