What if I told you that you could easily lose 20 lbs today, no surgery, no tricks, or gimmicks. Would you take me up on it? Of course you would! But since that’s not possible, what if I told you that you could lose 20 lbs over the next 90 days? Would you take me up on it then? Some of you would, some of you wouldn’t. What’s the difference between the two? TIME. Some of you would act on the quick fix, and don’t want to spend the TIME necessary to obtain these results.

What if I could get you to lose just 2 lbs a week over the next 12 weeks, what would you have then? The answer: You’d have lost over 20 lbs. What if you continued down the same path, with no changes whatsoever? The answer: NOTHING. At the end of the 12 weeks, those that invested their TIME will have achieved success while those that did nothing gained weight or stayed the same.

Think of weight loss as an investment in your health. To illustrate, let me give you an example, using a financial investment. If you had a penny in a jar, and every day you got to double what was inside that jar, then in TIME, you would have turned that penny into millions. But on the first day, who would get excited about a penny? But over a couple months, compound interest on the penny could make you rich! So is the same with weight loss. Who gets excited about losing a fraction of a pound, with no visible results? Not many. Sadly it is the slow progression of weight loss that causes 19 out of 20 people to grow frustrated and quit exercising and eating right. People look in the mirror in the early stages, and see little improvement, and think that diet and exercise just doesn’t work. They failed to realize that it just takes more TIME.

Let’s go with another example, if you eat a cheeseburger, are you going to have a sudden heart attack from that one error in judgment? Of course not. But now think of that “compound interest” of cheeseburgers. How many errors in judgment do you have to make before you DO have a heart attack? The answer: TIME, because it’s only a matter of time.

You may be thinking that all your errors in judgment have already sealed your fate, but the good news is, you can stop those errors in judgment TODAY and start making small positive decisions to your health TODAY. Day by day, you slowly tip the scales and reverse what your error in judgments have set into motion. In TIME, the scales begin to show in your favor, and in TIME, you will have changed your course in it’s entirety.

If I could show somebody a before and after picture of themselves, where the after picture is with a weight loss of 20 lbs, that would help, just seeing the difference would be enough to motivate them to success. Unfortunately, I can’t do this for you. You have to trust the process. And the GREAT news…. We know Beachbody programs work, they have for thousands. We KNOW that Shakeology is having tremendous success with nutritional health. What’s the difference between you and the thousands whom have achieved their weight loss goals, NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. The only difference is that those that have achieved weight loss success, trusted the process, gave it some time, and was consistent and persistent. In TIME, you can have your own success.

Let TIME, work for you not against you. We already know that to do nothing changes nothing. And to make small changes over TIME means health and wellness.

So it’s not that diet and exercise don’t work, exercise doesn’t work because people don’t give them the TIME to work.

If I can help you with your weight loss and nutritional goals, feel free to contact me. Get started on your weight loss goals today not tomorrow. It’s easy to start today, and it’s easy not too. One easy decision will either get you moving towards your weight loss goals, or set you one day further away.

If you have already begun your weight loss journey, I applaud you! Continue to let time take you closer and closer to your goals, email me and let me know how you’re doing, and if you like, comment below to motivate others. Good luck!