P90X One on One

For years, loyal Beachbody Fans have asked the question, “What’s after P90X?”

We can now positively answer that question without any further doubt! This is not a rumor, speculation, or guess work on our behalf, this is straight from the man himself, Tony Horton. So what’s the answer:


MC2 stands for Muscle Confusion.. But before you get all excited, P90X:MC2 will not be available until late 2011. It almost doesn’t seem right to have to wait over a year, but you and I are in luck! Tony Horton has been releasing over the last two years his workout series called “One on One with Tony Horton“. This year, One on One with Tony Horton is being renamed to P90X One on One! Kinda has a nice ring to it.

So you’re probably asking yourself, what does the One on One have to do with P90X:MC2?

Over the course of the next year, and once a month, you have an opportunity to be in Tony’s TEST GROUP. One on One will let you get an exclusive look at P90X:MC2 as its being developed. You get the exclusive opportunity to be tortured first. You will see the workout as it’s being put together. It’s like a magazine subscription, each month a new one comes in the mail. This is Tony Horton at his best, in his personal gym, NO cast, and just the camera!

The workouts will be in Tony Horton’s typical style, about an hour, crazy, and full of intensity. But beware of the new moves, and the new muscle confusion!

Now check out this awesome offer, a great reason to subscribe now to One on One.

When you subscribe to One on One, you get 50% off the P90X:MC2 workout when it’s released. So subscribe today and get in on the action, but if you subscribe late, just make sure you go back and grab the ones you missed. You have to own all 12 to qualify. This offer is only available at the link I will post below!

School is back in session, and I have already personally signed up for class!