Turbo Fire Reviews: Fire 30

Welcome back for our 6th installment of Turbo Fire Reviews. This review will go over the Fire 30 workout. I have tried several of the Turbo Fire Workouts, and I have to say, Chalene Johnson does a great job of keeping you entertained. The music is great, Chalene and the class are upbeat, and it’s not just plain boring! We’ve all tried those boring DVDs, rest assured this is not one of them. If you have been following my blog you probably know that I’m a fitness fanatic. I’ve tried and completed many of the Beachbody programs. I do this because… I love working out TRUE, but also because I feel it’s my responsibility as a fitness coach to be familiar with the programs, which helps me coach you more effectively.

You probably don’t want to listen to me, as much as you’d like to get the scoop on Turbo Fire 30. So let’s get in to the review. Once you start the workout, 31 minutes is on the screen. Is it just me, or is this timer small and hard to read? But 31 minutes. No sweat, well… that’s not true either. You’ll spend the first 5 minutes warming up nice and easy. For those of you that are Chalene Johnson fans, this is a familiar style to her workouts. Which is always nice.

But after 5 minutes of warming up, you go into your first 6 minute workout. Be ready for some punching, running in place, and some fancy footwork. (We’ll get into that below).

At the end of the 6 minutes, you get a FIRE drill. Which is basically a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). For 1 minute you will go as fast and as intense as you can go. Now don’t hold back, because you get a break right after the HIIT. As soon as it’s over, you get 1 minute to rest, grab some water, wimper if you need to, but after 1 minute, you get right back to it!

At this point Chalene Johnson takes you through approximately 6 more minutes of cardio drills. I didn’t say it above, but the 6 minute cardio drills are two 3 minute sections. For the first 3 minutes, you work on one side, then the second 3 minutes you work on the other. This 6 minute stretch has some interesting moves in it, a fire throw, more running in place, a kick here and there. 🙂

Just like before, at the end of 6 minutes, another Fire drill. The HIIT is very athletic in nature, you don’t do anything too crazy. Do your best, “you’re not tired!”. Go hard, 1 minute….then you get 1 more minute to rest.

Now you’ve made it to the the FINALE. The finale is about 5 minutes, equal time spent on both sides. It’s not as intense, unless you want it to be. I tend to get a little fired up at the end of the workout. I like to finish strong! I make my workouts a little more intense by simply jumping (more) on some of the moves. Anytime you involve your legs, and jumping, you’re going to add intensity.

At the end of the FINALE, you have about a 4 minute cool down, with some light/medium punching drills and squats, and the last minute is a stretch. 30 minutes and your done, quick, effective, doable for everyone.

Now let me address some statements I hear quite a bit.
“Turbo Fire is too complicated.”
“I can’t keep up with the moves in Turbo Fire.”

“I’m not that coordinated.

Look, everything is hard starting out. If Chalene left this workout BASIC, you would outgrow it, it wouldn’t be challenging in a very short amount of time.

Will you be able to do Turbo Fire to the max the first time out? No. Will you get the hang of it in time? Yes. Stick with the program, keep pushing play, each time will get easier, you’ll get more coordinated, you’ll start picking up the beat of the music, and Chalene does a great job giving you que’s in the workout, which you’ll start getting in time. Once you get this groove, you’ll start burning calories like crazy. This was my second time doing Fire 30. I was still running a bit behind, missing some moves, and playing catch up. If I got lost, I would improvise, I would do some punches, a jump, or some knee tucks, and then when I was able, I jumped right back in to the routine. You can do this too!

If you are a Turbo Fire fanatic, comment below your experience with the workouts.  Other fanatics have already emailed and stated that after a short time, they are now “flying” with the workouts!

Thanks, as always, for reading my Turbo Fire Reviews!

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