We all need lots of love, but who needs love handles? Nobody! And who wants a lower abdomen that droops? Or a paunch that spills over the waistband of “relaxed-fit” jeans? Or worse still, an entire abdominal region that sags? Nobody! Nevertheless, many of us have one—or all—of these tummy troubles. Sure, gym equipment can work the muscles typical crunches can’t, but why go to the gym just for an ab workout?—especially when it’s much cheaper and more convenient to work your abs at home.

The P90X workout, created by renowned trainer Tony Horton, provides an effective, full-body workout and ab workout in the privacy of your own home. The Ab Ripper X portion of P90X targets your entire abdominal area. It’s a challenging, gut-busting workout, and it delivers the rock-hard abs other home workout programs merely promise. The P90X workout is much less expensive than a gym membership, too!

Ab Ripper X is one tough ab workout. Its 11 unique moves were specifically designed by Tony Horton to give you a rock-hard six-pack, conveniently and privately. Because it’s a home workout program, you can exercise when it’s convenient for you, without having to commute to the gym. And at home, unlike at the gym, no one will gawk as you work through the program.

By using the P90X workout, including Ab Ripper X, you can transform your body in a relatively short time. All you need is the P90X workout and a commitment to improving your health and getting the beach body you’ve always wanted.

For great looking abs and a strong core, use Ab Ripper X. This ab workout will have you feeling better, and you’ll be more confident. No more embarrassment at the beach. No more need to wear bulky cover-ups poolside. You’ll be proud to show off your ripped body. Who needs fancy equipment or expensive membership packages? With the P90X workout and the dedication to succeed, anyone can have the body they desire.