Does going to the gym seem like just another chore, no more exciting than grocery shopping or dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner? If your answer is yes, then skip the commute. Start a home workout program!

Through a home workout program, you’ll enjoy the same benefits that you’d get from working out at the gym—more energy, increased feelings of wellness and less stress. In fact, if working out at the gym actually causes you stress, a regular home workout program can significantly decrease your feelings of anxiety.

You’ll save time, too. Just think of all the hours you’ve spent traveling back and forth to the gym, not to mention the time you’ve spent getting ready to go out. For a home workout program, you won’t have to put on expensive workout gear or fix your hair or even shower. After all, who’s going to see you? And you can exercise whenever you please, not just during gym hours. Now that’s convenience!

Regularly following a home workout program can also improve your sense of well being, just as any type of routine exercise can. Not only that, but studies by Duke University show that routine exercise, such as a regular home workout, serves as an effective antidepressant.

Exercise increases your body’s production of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals, which your body naturally produces, can actually improve your mood. Regular exercise can also boost your brain’s production of endorphins. Endorphins are natural analgesics; that is, they are pain relievers that your body creates. Endorphins have also been linked to mood elevation. So don’t be surprised if, after a home work out, you experience an energy spurt lasting one or two hours. Use it to complete tasks around the house, finish projects or prepare for your day.

Also, the more you work out, the more efficiently your body will run. That means more energy, more of the time. As your fitness level increases, so will your energy level. And those routine daily tasks that used to tire you? You’ll accomplish them with ease.

So what’s keeping you from starting your own home workout program?

Maybe you think that you lack the self-discipline to work out at home. Following a home workout program, however, takes no more discipline than going to the gym. In fact, it probably takes less, particularly if exercising among others makes you feel self conscious. At home, you can begin a program that is appropriate for your fitness level—without the emotional discomfort you might experience in a gym setting.

Home workout programs are often less expensive than a gym membership, and most have 30-day, money-back guarantees. That’s something your local health club probably doesn’t offer. Choose a reasonably priced program, and go for it! If the program doesn’t work for you, you can always send it back and try another.

Once you find the home workout program that’s right for you, you’ll feel better on the inside and you’ll look better on the outside. Don’t forget to hit my “like” button.  🙂