Is the P90X Workout the right system for you? The answer is a definite yes.

The P90X workout can help anyone become more fit thanks to its challenging routines that are easily altered to match any fitness level.

If you’re new to fitness, start the program slowly or consult your physician before you begin. Whatever you do, however, begin the program. Through the P90X training system, you can have more muscle, more stamina, and more flexibility—without injury.

Although it’s not a weight loss program, P90X can even help you lose weight. Of course, if you don’t need to drop pounds, you don’t have to. Simply omit the Phase 1 Fat Shredder diet or shorten one of the program’s first two nutritonal phases in order to avoid losing weight, and/or adjust your calories as needed. The nutrition plan, like the exercise program, is flexible.

The Power 90X training system is an extreme program that’s customizable. That means it can be modified to meet your needs. As you use the system, your body—and your fitness requirements—will change. And the Power 90X training system can be altered to change with you.

Each exercise can be easily modified to create a challenging workout that’s just right for you. So no matter what your fitness level or your age, you can transform your body by following the P90X training system. Reduce the number of repetitions. Decrease the amount of resistance. Start slowly and then, as your fitness level improves, increase the challenge.

As you follow the workouts, you’ll see how participants like you modify the exercises to suit their fitness levels. Like them, you may alter the moves, the number of repetitions, or the weights. It’s a great system for men as well as women. Women particularly like the P90X Lean Approach, which focuses on developing lean (not bulky) muscle through more cardio. But never fear! It’s still the same intense P90X workout.

Still unsure whether P90X is right for you? Try the original Power 90 series first. Many P90X participants complete 90 days of Power 90 before they go extreme.

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