It’s a fast-paced world, and your life is hectic, too.  A demanding work schedule, a busy social life, children,  a challenging exercise regimen.  There are going to be times that you just don’t have time to prepare elaborate, healthy meals—let alone enjoy them. When you do eat, it’s often too much too quickly, either from stress or because you’re pressed for time. And those convenience foods you usually reach for? They’re often poor nutritional choices.

Some convenience foods, however, aren’t high in calories, sodium, and preservatives. You just have to select the healthy ones rather than the not-so-healthy ones.  It may take a little bit more time while shopping, reading the nutritional labels, but the time spent will be well worth it.

Frozen meals, which are easily and quickly heated, don’t require much cleanup. Unfortunately, the “healthy” ones that are frozen—at least the ones that taste good—are often packed with calories, sodium,  and fat. Before you load up your grocery cart, check the labels. Make sure you’re picking products with calorie and fat levels that will fit into your healthy diet.

If you just can’t give up one of your fattening frozen favorites, lessen its impact on your daily caloric intake by halving portions and adding healthy foods. For instance, instead of eating an entire serving of macaroni and cheese, eat only half of it–with broccoli. Or add a side salad. And that frozen fettuccine alfredo that you love? You can still enjoy it. Just substitute half of it with mushrooms and skinless chicken breasts. Halving the portions won’t cut the convenience of your frozen entrée, but it will cut the calories.

Time-saving foods don’t have to ruin your healthy diet. By making conscious choices and adjusting meals, you can turn an otherwise unhealthy food into a convenient, nutritious meal.