P90X Nutrition Plan, OmeletAny new diet is an adjustment, and some are very difficult to get used to. Adjusting to the P90X nutrition plan, however, is easy for most people, mainly for two reasons. P90X doesn’t severely limit your caloric intake, and it doesn’t severely restrict your food choices.  So what does it do? The P90X nutrition plan is a healthy diet that’s high in protein and light in carbohydrates. It kicks your metabolism into high gear for optimum fat burning.

Creating healthy meals and snacks that are in keeping with the P90X nutrition plan is a snap, too—if you plan ahead. At the grocery store, shop the outside aisles where whole foods—not processed foods—are located. That way your fridge will be filled with fruit, fresh vegetables, and lean protein. When you want a snack, fresh veggies and fruits are always excellent choices.

Other healthy ideas for tasty, good-for-you snacks you can enjoy on the P90X nutrition plan include jerky (beef or turkey), raw or lightly steamed vegetables with low-fat spinach dip, low-fat string cheese, lettuce wraps filled with low-fat cold cuts, almonds, turkey pepperoni, sugar-free Jell-o with fruit, low-fat yogurt with berries, sliced apples with cheese, and deviled eggs made with only half a yolk per egg.

Don’t have time to cook a full meal every night? Rather than settling for greasy fast food that leaves you hungry an hour or two after you eat, try these two basic menus. They’re less expensive than a bag of burgers and fries, they’re easily adaptable, and they’ll keep you on track with the P90X workout.

Omelets with … Anything

Egg white omelets are not only a low-fat source of protein, but they’re also a simple one-pan meal. Add lean sausage, shredded chicken breast, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, or other healthy ingredients you have readily available. To make the omelet even more filling, halve rather than omit the yolks. Top with a few spoonfuls of salsa, sprinkle with cheese, and viola! Dinner is served.

Grilled Meat Combos

Other simple yet delicious meals that fit the P90X nutrition plan are those made with grilled strips of lean meat, such as chicken, beef, or pork tenderloin. Purchase grilled meat at the grocery store, or grill it yourself. Add the spices of your choice, such as lemon pepper, Asian seasonings, or Cajun spice blends. Keep these grilled meats on hand for stir-fries, low-carb wraps, or as an accompaniment to vegetables.

Sticking to the P90X nutrition plan is easy if you plan ahead. Keep your kitchen well stocked with the ingredients you need for quick, easy, and satisfying meals and snacks. As you lose weight and improve your health, you’ll stay motivated. Eventually, you’ll get the ultimate results you want from P90X and the P90X nutrition plan.