Most of us do it every holiday. After the pies and the cakes, after the rich eggnog and the champagne, we vow to lose weight, get fit—and squeeze into those new clothes! But how many of us actually follow through with our New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, not many.

Why? Because accomplishing a lifestyle change is tough! It takes more than a fleeting moment of excitement. It takes realistic planning, patience, and persistence. Create a personal fitness plan that includes those three things, and you’re sure to be successful.

Take a Reality Check

Set realistic workout goals. After all, you’re beginning a personal fitness plan you can sustain for life, not training for the Olympics. Although two hours of intense daily exercise sounds great, can you really keep that up? Probably not.

So begin small. Pick a sensible exercise time frame that fits your life without causing you guilt or stress. You’ll be more likely to stick with it! Over time, as exercise develops into your daily habit, you’ll probably expand your routine.

Be Responsible.

Your life is filled with numerous priorities—family, friends, work. Make your personal fitness plan one of them. Like most of us, there are days when you don’t want to go to work, but you go anyway. Sometimes patiently listening to the kids is the last thing you want to do, but … you listen. You’re a responsible adult.

So be responsible to yourself. Even if you don’t want to put in that exercise DVD, do it. Later, you’ll be glad you did.

Set Goals & Track Them

Write out your fitness goals and track your progress each day or each week. Also, place your fitness chart or diary somewhere you’ll see every day. Let it be a reminder of your new lifestyle—and your progress.

Did you lose a pound this week? Write it down and gloat! Did you drop an inch? Your body is becoming tighter and leaner. Mark it on your chart! Did you finally complete that killer P90X workout without having to stop? Be sure to track your progress. It’s a great motivator.

Of course, your personal fitness plan isn’t only about losing weight and dropping inches. To be sustainable for life, it must be about your overall well-being. So don’t just focus on losing 15 lbs. or dropping two sizes. Those goals are temporary. Instead, focus on your total health, and you’ll be fit for life.

Need help? Let us know.  Compare our programs, getting started… express workouts…. advanced….maybe a “best seller”.  Whatever you decide, let us know how you are doing.  Report in, comment below with weight lost, or inches.  We’d be thrilled to hear from you!