Do you love fitness? Do you love looking good and feeling good and working hard? Then you’ll love Tony Horton’s P90X+. P90X+ was designed for those who have finished the complete 90-day P90X program and are ready for another challenge. It’s even tougher, even more extreme than the original.

P90X+ is for those happy few who want to raise the bar even higher and take their bodies, minds, and their outlooks to a whole new level. So if you’ve finished P90X successfully, and you still want a more difficult daily workout, check out P90X+.

P90X+ contains five completely different routines, each with new exercises and new music. Are they demanding? You bet! They’ll challenge even a P90X body. You’ll huff, and you’ll puff. You’ll sweat, and you might even groan—just like you did when you first began P90X!

P90X+ includes the Interval X program. Interval X repeatedly works your body hard and then allows it to recover. This trains your muscles and your cardiovascular system, quickening your reaction time and increasing your stamina.

P90X+ contains a new Kenpo Cardio Plus program, too. It’s a newer, harder version of the original Kenpo workout.

Upper Body Plus, a rigorous upper body exercise program, and Total Body Plus are two additional tough workouts that will help you continue toning and defining your muscles. P90X+ focuses on strengthening your core, too. Abs/Core Plus will not only put more power into your midsection, but it will also give you beautifully sculpted abs.

P90X+ isn’t for everyone. You have to be a happy P90X survivor who’s in good shape—and you have to have the right attitude, too. You have to have heart. If that sounds like you, check out the P90X+ program. It’ll take you to a whole new level of fitness.